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ADCs for portables offer improved audio March 12, 2015ADCs for portables offer improved audio TI’s multichannel devices simplify audio front-end design while reducing standby power consumption; a family of six high-performance audio ADCs has dynamic range as high as 110 dB. Read more Analog startup offers gigasample-per-second ADC core January 26, 2015Analog startup offers gigasample-per-second ADC core City Semiconductor Inc. (San Francisco, Calif.) has announced the availability for license of a high-speed analog-to-digital converter core targeting a 40nm CMOS process. Read more 16-bit, 200 Msps ADCs claim lowest power levels November 18, 201416-bit, 200 Msps ADCs claim lowest power levels A series of high-speed A/D converters from Microchip provide low power and high integration of processing functions in 124-lead VTLA packages: the company says it has “entered the market of high-performance, high-speed A/D converters while leaping past existing solutions with industry-leading low-power performance.” Read more Analog Tip; Choosing SAR vs Sigma-Delta ADCs for high dynamic range applications October 17, 2014Analog Tip; Choosing SAR vs Sigma-Delta ADCs for high dynamic range applications High-performance data-acquisition signal chains used in industrial, instrumentation, and medical equipment require wide dynamic range and accurate measurements. The dynamic range of an ADC can be increased by adding a programmable-gain amplifier or operating multiple ADCs in parallel, using digital post-processing to average the result, but these methods can be impractical due to power, space, and cost constraints. Read more Fast ADCs cut power for 12- and 14-bit data capture September 25, 2014Fast ADCs cut power for 12- and 14-bit data capture A family of ADCs from Texas Instruments provides flexibility and scalability with 12- and 14-bit, 2- and 4-channel, and JESD204B and LVDS options; they are, TI asserts, the lowest-power 25- to 160-Msps analogue-to-digital converters available for industrial designs. Read more
ADI’s efficient power drivers for 12-, 14- and 16-bit ADCs
24-bit, 10 mW, 130 dB SNR, 64 ksps Δ-Σ ADC
ADI previews JESD204B dual ADC
ADCs for high dynamic range – successive-approximation or sigma-delta?
On Semi outsources ADC design to Ridgetop
ADC pushes boundaries for software defined radio
20-Bit 1Msps 0.5ppm INL SAR ADC
Analog Devices' 2.5-Gsample/sec ADC in prototyping module
S3 offers ADC cores for consumer SoCs
Obsolete ADCs, DACs available from Silicon360
Will mixed-signal ICs integrate like digital cameras have?
Low-power ADC aims at wireless sensor nodes
ASSPs make sense of MEMS sensors
18-Bit, 1-Msps, ±10.24-V true bipolar SAR ADC simplifies input signal conditioning
PICs integrate analog signal chain with 16-bit converters
Analog doubles speed of fastest 18-bit SAR A/D converter
TI releases new library of precision designs to make analog easier
12-bit, 500- to 900-MSPS ADCs aim to slash board space by 80 percent
Fastest 4-channel, 14-bit ADC clocks in at 250-MSPS
20-bit 1Msps no latency SAR ADC delivers true 20-bit precision
I/Q sampling digital predistortion receiver enables acquisition of 300-MHz bandwidth in base station applications
Compact, low voltage digital barometric sensor delivers quick, accurate pressure readings
14-bit, 4.5-Msps SAR ADC integrates precision reference in an 8-lead TSOT-23 package
CEA-Liten claims first ever printed ADC made on plastic foil
High accuracy, low power temperature sensor replaces thermistors and NTCs
24-bit sigma-delta A/D converter achieves twice the speed of competing converters and claims industry’s best noise performance
Proximity sensor combines IR emitter, photo-pin-diode, signal processing IC, and 16-bit ADC in compact package
Renesas Electronics enhances the scalability of RX MCU family for high-performance motor control
Next-generation capacitive touch platform offers high resolution sensing
Smart-meter SoC combines metrology, security and communication capabilities
Maxim Integrated reveals energy measurement and diagnostic solution for mission-critical motors
Achieve 101dB SNR with the LTC2379-18
ADCs target low power and wide bandwidth
Dual 14-bit A/D converter saves space and power
Industry's first 40-V, low noise, precision instrumentation amp features integrated ADC driver
Fully integrated ultrasonic signal conditioner supports automotive parking distance applications
SAR ADC with SPICE model claims industry first
Quad uModule ADCs with Integrated signal conditioning reduce size, power and time-to-market for imaging and base station designs
18-bit, 2.5-Msps SAR ADC achieves 99.8-dB SNR with flexible analog input ranges
ADC driver delivers industry's highest performance-to-power ratio by 8x
TI introduces 16-bit delta-sigma ADC for the automotive market
32-bit microcontrollers Include I2S interface for audio playback applications
Fully integrated proximity and ambient light optical sensor features power-saving interrupt function
Imec and Renesas Electronics claim record ADC for next-generation high-bandwidth wireless receivers
TI unveils fastest, highest-performance AFE for femtocells and portable SDR
PSoC precision analog development kit highlights 20-bit ADC with micro-volt measurements and differential inputs
New low-power MCUs feature RC ADCs for accurate temperature measurement
14-bit, 8-channel ADC offers best noise performance and lowest power at 80 MSPS for medical imaging applications
ADC drivers claims new standard in power and performance to increase accuracy and battery life
High performance CMOS image sensor targets biometric and medical device applications
18-bit, 1.6-Msps, pseudo-differential serial SAR ADC achieves 96.5-dB SNR performance, consumes 18-mW of power
Two-microphone wireless audio reference design kit supports consumer gaming
Fully integrated ADC targets portable equipment
Texas Instruments unveils first quad-channel 16-bit, 100 MSPS ADC for faster, smaller medical imaging
Growth in mobile data traffic focuses NXP technology on the wireless infrastructure sector
NXP unveils CGVxpress High Speed Serial Interface
18-Bit, 1.6-Msps, serial SAR ADC claims 101-dB SNR performance
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2010
Maxim unveils industry's highest performance ambient-light sensor
Dual SPST analog switch features 1.8-V to 5.5-V single power supply
Ultra-low-noise, low-power ADC drivers drive high fidelity signals at 20-MHz to 100-MHz
24-bit ADC provides high resolution for low power precision sensor applications
New 16-Bit ADCs focus on high performance, wide bandwidths and ease of use
250 MSPS 16-bit ADC claims new level of signal processing performance
16-bit, 1-Msps, low power SAR ADC features digital timing interface
Second generation 65-GSa/s 8-bit ADC technology focuses on 100G optical transport
Hot-swap controller integrates 10-bit I2C system monitor to target high-availability systems
12-Bit 500-MSPS ADC claims power consumption five times lower than any competing device
Low power 16-bit dual ADC claims lowest noise performance in its class
Sigma-delta ADC offers increased accuracy at high operating temperature
TI introduces low power 11-bit ADCs with SNRBoost technology
12-bit ADC paves the way for new generation of software-defined radio solutions
Low-power 8-bit MCU features LCD driver, 5-V operation and on-chip 12-bit ADC
Lattice boosts Hot-swap coverage for Power Manager devices
Industry’s fastest 12-bit ADC opens up new applications for wideband SDRs
Hot Swap controller enables I2C monitoring of board-level operations
16-Bit, 80-Msps ADC offers noise reduction in data conversion systems
FME partners Vectron to demonstrate 100-G coherent receiver analogue reference design

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