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Microphone glitch hit ST's analog, MEMS sales in 2015 February 1, 2016Microphone glitch hit ST's analog, MEMS sales in 2015 STMicroelectronics NV saw its sales of analog and MEMS chips decline by 22 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015 and by 12 percent on a full year basis, partly due to a problem with the supply of microphones to customers, according to chief financial officer Carlo Ferro. Read more PLL with VCO synthesiser ranges to 6.8GHz, January 26, 2016PLL with VCO synthesiser ranges to 6.8GHz, Analog Devices has added a phased-locked loop (PLL) synthesiser with integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO); the ADF4355 PLL with VCO synthesiser operates up to 6.8 GHz, a frequency band that allows significant margin to industry’s current carrier frequencies. Read more The analog way for quantum computing January 13, 2016 The analog way for quantum computing Blaine Bateman looks at the parallels between quantum and analog computing. Read more Report: Analog, TI both pass on Maxim purchase January 11, 2016Report: Analog, TI both pass on Maxim purchase Both Texas Instruments Inc. and Analog Devices Inc. have decided not to pursue an acquisition of Maxim Integrated Products Inc. according to a Bloomberg report that referenced unnamed sources. Read more Tower, PixelPlus embed SoC in security image sensor January 11, 2016Tower, PixelPlus embed SoC in security image sensor Fabless chip company PixelPlus Co. Ltd. (Suwon, South Korea) has embedded an image signal processing and HD-analog transmission function into a CMOS image sensor. Read more
Analog Aficianados and the electronic construction kit
Fairchild says Chinese bid could be better
The top 20 news articles on analog, MEMS and sensors in 2015
16 analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow in 2016
Startup launches switch-mode op amps, ADCs
Former games company offers analog IC for IoT
Analog, US to lead chip market growth
When the sensor, signal conditioning gate performance
Peter Clarke's opinion compendium updated
Board provides hardware and software blueprint for compact NFC designs
AMS schedules multi-project wafer runs for 2016
Analog IC market growth set to slow
Unused pins come back to bite
Sarawak-backed X-Fab invests in wafer fab
The Filter Wizard: Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right
Analog design automation startup gets backing
Constraint-driven analog place and route
Report: Analog Devices, Maxim in merger talks
Analog Devices picks ThingWorx for IoT "cloud" support
ADI provides force touch controller in iPhone
MMIC driver amplifier spans 24 GHz to 35 GHz
New York investor offers to buy Korea's MagnaChip
EE Times Silicon 60: 2015's Startups to Watch
Jitter attenuator optimized for JESD204B interface
Diodes offers $400 million to buy Pericom
Analog Devices is Sand 9 buyer
Analog is more important than digital – scientific proof
AMS to spend $2 billion on New York wafer fab
AMS recruits chip veteran as CEO
Zero-drift, precision op amp claims best noise performance
AMS plans to rent a wafer fab in New York
Why voltage references bite
Indian fab project hires former GloFo exec
Integrated 24-bit ADC, analogue front-ends blend low power, low noise
Analog design and the age of digital correction
Ancient RF teardown: crude but effective
EMI-enhanced, zero drift, ultralow noise op amp
Go active or stay passive?
Don Quixote and the Mysterious Pad
Indian wafer fab will be specialty foundry
Could India's analog wafer fab be moving south?
The Filter Wizard: On converter performance and ENOB
Sensata climbs automotive MEMS ranking
Startup plans neural network front-end for sensor systems
Brazil startup offers PMIC for solar energy harvesting
Video: Bosch Sensortec celebrates 10th birthday
Is first-pass success possible for silicon IP? Part 2
S3 claims smallest, most efficient 12bit SAR ADC, again
The Filter Wizard: Do your duty when you duty-cycle
No American chip boom after all, says WSTS
IoT is driving an analog opportunity
4-ch, 24-GHz downconverter for multichannel, beamforming receivers
Silicon SPDT switch delivers fast settling times
When did analog steal digital's mojo?
Using deep wells in analog IC design
TI increases lead in analog vendor ranking
ADI's mixed-signal learning kit available from distributor
Six Android apps for analog engineers
Analog optical fiber forges RF link
Moore's Law: a mixed-signal perspective
Sensor libraries enable IoT solutions at chip level
The cult of DSPism
16-bit sigma-delta modulator includes high-voltage isolation
Analog EDA gets automation tools
Is first-pass success possible for silicon IP?
Versatile DACs integrate EEPROM and I2C
RF LDO operates at up to 20V, 200mA
Op amps: don't get caught speeding
Analog, embedded drive TI upwards in 2014
Latchup in CMOS and its prevention
Book presents an analog wonderland
15-in-15: Analog, MEMS and sensor startups to watch in 2015
The four most stressful days of an analog engineer
Analog Tips: Linear regulator powers PLLs, VCOs and clocking ICs
Tiny, boring engineering designs can be fun
Chip market forecast raised for 2014, 2015
Low-jitter 1.25-Gsps clock for JESD204B
The engineering desk-to-bench ratio
I3C sensor interface set to superset I2C, SPI
ADI swallows Hittite, gains acquisition skill
Synchronous demodulator comes with configurable analog filter
IMEC, Coventor model 10nm, 7nm processes
"New" MEMS evolution coming, predicts Yole
Analog IC sales to hit $43 billion in 2014, says Semico
Analog Tip; Choosing SAR vs Sigma-Delta ADCs for high dynamic range applications
ADI offers dual 16-bit DAC
Layout-dependent effects in analog design
Chinese analog chip firm comes to Europe
Mixed-signal IP available on 16nm FinFET process
Nikola Tesla's lab could speak to future generations
ST claims 5 billion MEMS sensors shipped
PZT making waves in MEMS
ADI’s efficient power drivers for 12-, 14- and 16-bit ADCs
Ground is a cruel joke
U.S. foundry agrees to help expand China's MEMS ecosystem
Could AMS' expansion be bad news for Europe?
Analog Tip; Using the ADP2370 as an LED driver
Austria's AMS is shopping for a wafer fab
Power routing in analog design
ADI previews JESD204B dual ADC
ADCs for high dynamic range – successive-approximation or sigma-delta?
IMEC offers analog IC design course
Report: India, China show interest in Korean analog foundry
A new breed of analog design tools
Analog offers 256-channel converter for CT scanners
Memscap breaks even on rising Q2 revenue
Analog shipment growth to lead chip industry
Failed merger talks won't stop Dialog
AMS, Dialog merger talks fail
Analog synthesis remains remote
When GND isn't GND single-ended circuits become differential
Is there still room for the vacuum tube?
Top ten automotive MEMS sensor vendors ranked
AMS, Dialog confirm merger talks
Precision analog functions in Cortex-M3 MCU
Memsic improves 3-axis magnetometer
Amplifier IC delivers 1A and fast slew rate
European, analog chip markets on the up, says WSTS
AMS set to buy German gas sensor firm
Manufacturing matters to Analog Devices in the IoT era
Analog Devices' 2.5-Gsample/sec ADC in prototyping module
16-bit quad DAC reaches 2.8 Gsamples/s
Isolated Σ-Δ modulator boosts motor-drive efficiency
Pulsic offers automated IC layout tool
Time for custom, analog design tools to automate?
CEO interview: Exar's 'reboot' almost done, says DiNardo
Fairchild confirms fabless MEMS market entry
The Filter Wizard and the Captain's Log
Exercise discretion when choosing transistors
Exar buys Taiwanese display, lighting chip company
Insect-based EDA gets funded
Analog helps drive TI's Q1 profit
Strained nanowire has tunable electroptic properties
Mouser, ADI sponsor NASA design contest
Teardown reveals PrimeSense in Google's Tango
Micrel's 10 criteria for choosing a MEMS foundry
Wearable computing market on 78% CAGR through 2018
End of Windows XP boosted 1Q14 PC sales, says Gartner
On Semi launches industrial image sensor family
Precision analogue front end and controller monitors battery cells
GE metal process improves MEMS RF switches
InvenSense, Sonion collaborate on hearing aid microphones
S3 preps DAC product with a twist
Mentor buys Berkeley DA after Cadence lawsuit
Automotive MEMS: A changing global landscape
CEO Interview: Doluca preps Maxim for IoT era
Conspiracy alleged over Rousset wafer fab closure
Design review boredom: Is there an alternative?
Silicon Labs pays $1.5 million for Touchstone
AFEs integrate up to eight 24-bit ADCs for multiple load power monitoring
Industrial chip market to grow 9% in 2014.
Integrated analog: what's missing?
Reduced-size humidity sensor aims at wearables
The overt analog at ISSCC
Do MEMS make a better bike helmet?
AFE block serves as I/V converter for sensors
The analog circuitry hidden at ISSCC
High voltage processes added to Europractice MPW schedule
Profitable TI to cut 1,100 jobs
How much power from MEMS windmills?
Give UPS equipment the acid test
UK IC design house helps Chinese MEMS startup
On Semi sues CMOSIS over image sensors
Dialog Q4 soaring on mobile sales
Meter-on-a-chip tackles portable health applications
ST squeezes 9-axis sensor for use in glasses
InvenSense launches 70dB MEMS microphone
QuickLogic offers sensor hub for mobile devices
Magnetic sensor measures down to 0.1% of Earth's field
LFoundry Rousset fab closes with loss of 600 jobs
NikkoIA gets European money for organic NIR sensor
Startup offers chip-scale solar energy harvester
Moortec improves on-chip thermal sensors
IR sensor startup preps smartphone bid
Tower buys three wafer fabs for $8 million
Top 15 news articles on analog in 2013
Bosch Sensortec grows in mobile and beyond, says CEO: Part 2
Munich seminar set to discuss industry roadmap for sensors
Top ten product articles on Analog in 2013
Synchronous step-down regulators offer 96% efficiency
Gartner puts a number on IoT in 2020
Smart activity tracker integrates ultra-low power MEMS accelerometer for longer battery life
Sensor signal-conditioning IC optimized for die stacking
Chip market confidence is flat as ranking changes
Step aside MEMS. Here comes NEMS
Koch pays $7.2 billion for connector firm
ST redesigns MEMS accelerometers
LDMOS transistors span 700 to 2,700MHz band
Nuvoton sensor hubs come with Movea software
Former Freescale CEO joins ADI's board
Tower signs deal with Shanghai hub
CMOS, CCDs invade space imagers
Omron to work with Leti on MEMS
Sony files patent for the SmartWig
Panasonic to sell wafer fabs to Tower
Smartphones, tablets send China MEMS market soaring
Toshiba ships 1080p image sensor
IMEC uses CCD-in-CMOS for image sensor
Microchip buys Belgian transceiver startup
Wolfson to use bat-like sonar for gesture recognition
Sensirion preps multi-gas sensor 'nose' for smartphones
X-Fab ready for global growth says CEO: Part 2
Large-scale integration of neuronics: Part 2
Analog foundry put up for sale
X-Fab ready for global growth, says CEO
Large-scale integration of neuronics: Part 1
ams multi-project prototyping service aims to offer analog foundry customers large cost savings
Texas Instruments releases the industry's most extensive reference design library
Trillion Sensor Summit preps roadmap
Neuronics creates efficient memory: Part 2
Neuronics creates efficient memory: Part 1
Quad SPST CMOS analog switches offer low on-resistance of 1.5-Ohms
Diagnostics chip integrates configurable automotive buses and power management functions
4-channel PCI Express frame grabber capture analog video and stereo audio
ADI opens SDR transceiver up for general sale
Analog chip sales feel ASP pressure
InvenSense to buy ADI's MEMS microphone business
Grab the medical MEMS opportunity
Sensor interface IC provides 24-bit resolution
3-axis high-g accelerometer offers accurate impact, shock, and concussive detection benefits
Analog MEMS accelerometer targets engine anti-vibration applications
Freescale expands industrial IC portfolio
Avago Technologies makes strategic investment in Amantys
18-Bit, 1-Msps, ±10.24-V true bipolar SAR ADC simplifies input signal conditioning
ADI selects IAR Embedded Workbench to support DSP-CM40x mixed-signal control processors
Envelope Tracking reinforced by MIPI Alliance eTrak specification
Xilinx and Analog Devices achieve JESD204B interoperability
TSMC and OIP Ecosystem partners release 16FinFET and 3D IC Reference Flows
PICs integrate analog signal chain with 16-bit converters
Freescale to collaborate with ROHM to deliver innovative automotive solutions
PSoC 1 devices feature integrated USB for fast development of battery-powered applications
Analog doubles speed of fastest 18-bit SAR A/D converter
Circuit simulation tool upgrade supports power and analog IC designers
Integrated power solution combines quad buck regulators and 200 mA LDO
Precision 80-uV offset op amp operates with 76-V input range
Wireless strain gauge system enables super yacht sail-track development
Cypress releases development kit for iPhone, iPad and iPod audio accessories
Exar acquires Cadeka Microcircuits
Future Electronics extends distribution deal with STMicroelectronics to cover most of Europe
32-bit digital-to-analog converter targets audiophile-grade applications
Rotary position sensors offer reliability and versatility
Analog/mixed-signal reference kit helps rapid adoption of advanced Cadence design flows
TI releases new library of precision designs to make analog easier
Microsemi signs global distribution agreement with Future Electronics
Isolated USB analog output modules support up to eight continuous waveforms
Imec and Renesas Electronics reveal world's first multi-standard RF receiver in 28nm CMOS
12-bit, 500- to 900-MSPS ADCs aim to slash board space by 80 percent
Audi picks Analog Devices for semiconductor program
MEMS wireless vibration sensing solution remotely monitors industrial machine health
Fastest 4-channel, 14-bit ADC clocks in at 250-MSPS
Broadband RF gain blocks for high dynamic-range systems
20-bit 1Msps no latency SAR ADC delivers true 20-bit precision
4-channel analog input device for voltage and sensor-based measurements
Digital and analog I/O modules have built-in web servers
Mouser signs global distribution deal with ADI
Silica starts roll out of design support strategy focused on power applications
12/16-channel AFEs double accuracy, reduce battery-management systems cost by up to 35 percent
XMOS launches analog industrial multicore microcontrollers
Industrial strength PCIe/104 form factor A/V Codec
Crystal Display Systems signs UK distribution deal with Estecom for analog to digital interface cards
I/Q sampling digital predistortion receiver enables acquisition of 300-MHz bandwidth in base station applications
Low-cost development kit for Cypress PSoC 4 architecture is now on pre-order from Premier Farnell
High-performance clock generators feature low jitter, low power and NCO in a compact package
Analog Devices CEO Jerry Fishman dies
Smallest MEMS microphone supports hearing aid applications offers low Equivalent Input Noise and power saving benefits
RMS power detector claims unparalleled frequency performance and flexibility
Farnell element14 becomes an authorised reseller of Micrel
8-bit MCU combines low power, I2C and hardware CVD in 8 pins for touch-sensing applications
Analog Devices collaborates with Mathworks to offer engineering students low-cost learning platform
Cypress PSoC 4 architecture claims the industry's lowest-power ARM Cortex-M0-based devices for embedded designs
Mouser becomes authorized global distributor of Micrel’s high-performance IC solutions
New 'responsive' EDN-Europe website accessible across all platforms
SystemC AMS 2.0 standard for mixed-signal design freshly released
STMicroelectronics makes MEMS technology available for prototyping through CMP
Renesas Electronics Europe appoints PT Electronics to drive sales in Russia
CMP offers STMicroelectronics analog 130-nm H9A CMOS process for prototyping next generation SoCs
Atmel acquires IDT’s smart metering IC product line to enhance smart energy offerings
Boosted NFC tag front end enables secure payment transactions on uSD and uSIM cards
FPGA mezzanine cards support JESD204B-compatible A/D converter-to-FPGA connectivity
CEA-Liten claims first ever printed ADC made on plastic foil
Analog Devices and Bourns unveil industry's first complete evaluation board with certified RS-485 electro-magnetic protection
FPGA mezzanine card rapid prototyping kit simplifies JESD204B-compatible A/D converter-to-FPGA connectivity
Isolated error amplifiers outperform optocouplers and shunt regulators in power supply applications
Low cost, octal ultrasound AFE with on-chip RF decimator and JESD204B serial interface helps simplify designs
Silicon Labs collaborates with SIGFOX collaborate to tap the potential of the Internet of Things
Analog Front End improves reliability of Power Line Communication for smart grids
Multi-output, 1.65-GHz clock buffer delivers low jitter to optimize noise performance in ultra-high-speed data converters
Cosmic Circuits acquisition helps Cadence to expand IP portfolio
Analog Devices expands online technical support community for design engineers
Taking a new direction with analog
Cadence unveils Virtuoso Advanced Node for 20-nm design
World's first analog-based power management controller with integrated MCU delivers flexible, efficient power conversion
Texas Instruments launches the European Analog Design Contest for 2013
Analog Device Server enables remote monitoring, real-time charting and event notification of virtually any analog sensor
TI unveils the first integrated analog front end for photometry applications
Dual 16-bit, 1.6-GSPS DAC synthesizes high-quality wideband signals from baseband to high intermediate frequencies
Immersion in the black art of analog design
Dual-channel differential amplifier drives high frequency ADCs with industry’s best distortion and noise performance
New 16-bit ADCs offer lower power and high integration for precision measurement applications
Quad 12-bit and single 14-bit, 180-MSPS DACs simplify complex waveform generation functions
Additions to touchscreen controller line double the industry’s best noise immunity, lowers total system cost
Digital PMR chipset additions simplify designs for small, low-cost and low-power dPMR radio
AFEs help to shrink systems for test and measurement, wireless communications and optical networking
Intersil selects Future Electronics to be global distributor
24-bit sigma-delta A/D converter achieves twice the speed of competing converters and claims industry’s best noise performance
24-bit, 3-channel ECG analog front end cuts power consumption by 85 percent compared with alternative integrated solutions
256-channel, 16-bit digital X-ray analog front end delivers industry’s best combination of noise, power and image quality
MIE Labs agree new working relationship with JVD
New DAC delivers high quality audio performance in a small package size
Farnell element14 collaborates with Analog Devices and Digilent to promote portable analog design kits among engineering students
New WEBENCH Schematic Export online tool supports CAD platforms from Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Altium
Flash LED drivers offer best efficiency for next-generation smartphones
New ACE processor provides digital benefits to analog two-way radios
RF clock IC claims industry's best jitter performance and fastest output speed to meet demands of high-speed data converters
New microwave IC portfolio is extended with family of high-performance voltage controlled oscillators
Analog Devices university program design contest now open
Fully configurable analog front-end technology enables smarter sensors
Lowest noise, 16-bit 20-Msps ADCs achieve 84-dB SNR and 46-microvolt (RMS) input-referred noise
FPGA-based kit combines programmability with ease of use to enhance interface protoyping
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Touchstone Semiconductor
Space-saving DOCSIS 3.0-compliant RF D/A converter operates at one-third the power of competing devices
TSMC selects Cadence Virtuoso and Encounter platforms for its 20-nm design infrastructure
RFEL stretches dynamic range of ADCs to offer 'Best in Class' performance
MEMS accelerometer with min/max offset sensitivity to temperature delivers predictable and quantifiable performance
Cissoid signs a global distribution deal with Future Electronics
Isolated metrology chipset ensures energy meter magnetic immunity
Diodes Incorporated agrees to acquire Power Analog Microelectronics
Full-flow analog and mixed-signal design suite includes schematic capture, dual circuit simulators and waveform probing
Achieve 101dB SNR with the LTC2379-18
Fairchild Semiconductor signs a reseller agreement with RS Components
DC-DC switching controller family offers current-mode and voltage-mode configuration options for high-current applications
EEG analog front end lowers noise more than 75 percent for non-invasive brain wave monitoring
IDT signs global distribution partnership deal with Mouser
CISSOID signs distribution deal with SETRON for Central and Northern Europe
TI claims industry's most flexible clocking IC for wired communications systems
Industry's fastest 300-meter UTP cable equalizer for analog video distribution offers the lowest power consumption
New Integrated Design Environment is released for PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 architectures
Ultra low power analog-to-digital converter draws only 400nW
Instrumentation amplifier combines power efficiency and zero-drift accuracy for portable medical, instrumentation and consumer devices
Smallest single-lead heart-rate monitor analog front end offers industry's lowest power performance
STMicroelectronics completes IP and talent acquisition from projection-technology innovator bTendo
Industry's first weigh scale and body composition analog front end is unveiled
Industry leading D/A converter portfolio expands with new series of quad 16- and 12-bit 3V/5V D/A converters
Analog device server enables remote monitoring, real-time charting of any analog sensor
News analog front ends offer the industry's lowest-power, highest-precision smart e-metering solution
Mouser signs global distribution agreement with Intersil
Renesas looks to automotive and smart society to drive recovery
36-V, 1-A step-down synchronous regulator simplifies intermediate power bus and point-of-load power designs
Startups to merge to form new analog chip venture
Quartet of highly integrated optical sensors measure RGB, ambient light, proximity motion, infrared, and temperature
Dual 14-bit A/D converter saves space and power
Energy Micro opens new design center in Poland
Industry's first 40-V, low noise, precision instrumentation amp features integrated ADC driver
Maxim unveils collection of analog and mixed-signal peripheral modules to enable lower cost rapid prototyping with FPGAs
New release of free Analog Devices SPICE simulation tool visualizes component evaluation for linear design
Class-D audio amplifiers enable high quality audio performance at low power consumption
Dual sensors in a single package, simplifying assembly process and reducing costs
10-DoF MEMS IMU features algorithm to deliver precise orientation sensing
New wind speed sensor optimizes 2.4-Ghz wireless technology
Multi-function JTAG module focuses on analog testing
Industry's fastest 12-bit, direct digital synthesizers target frequency-agile wireless applications
Multi-stage variable gain LNAs focuses on wireless base station performance benefits
13-GHz PLL synthesizer operates at up to 110 MHz while consuming less than 100-mW
Dual, 16-bit, 1.25-GSPS, DAC incorporates a JESD204 serial input to simplify the FPGA interface
Dongbu HiTek's analog CMOS process shrinks Enpirion's DC-DC converter chip footprint by 40 percent
DC-DC switching controller features current-mode and voltage-mode options for high-current applications
Video amplifiers integrate short-to-battery protection and fault detection for automotive video applications
Digital transmitter delivers software-defined radio benefits to macro- and small cell base stations
Analog microcontroller with ARM Cortex M3 and dual 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs offer highest accuracy, lowest power
MEMS accelerometer draws only 300nA in motion-activated wake-up mode
High-density QAM modulator chipset enables the next-generation connected home experience
High-density QAM modulator chipset enables the next-generation connected home experience
Fully integrated ultrasonic signal conditioner supports automotive parking distance applications
Toshiba’s first ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller is optimized for smart meters
High-G MEMS help detect concussions
Tanner EDA claims 5x to 10x speed improvements for nanometer SPICE accuracy verification tool
Analog 3-axis, high-g MEMS accelerometer accurately measures concussive forces in high-impact events
Texas Instruments continues drive for the adoption of copper wire bonding technology
SAR ADC with SPICE model claims industry first
Micross to offer Intersil's precision analog die and custom packaging solutions
Successive-approximation-register ADC comes with fully documented SPICE model
Four-channel, 16-bit, 125-MSPS ADC claims superior dynamic performance and industry’s lowest power and package size for its class
austriamicrosystems rebrands to 'ams' after restructuration through acquisition of TAOS
Multipoint LVDS transceivers offer 8 kV IEC ESD protection
Isolated interface development environment for communication networks
Analog Devices holds 48.5 percent share of the worldwide data converter market
Isolated half-bridge gate drivers feature digital isolator technology to deliver industry-best speed and reliability
Digital voice scrambler for analog radio systems offers secure voice communication
austriamicrosystems extends 0.35um high-voltage CMOS periphery library to include 8-kV ESD protection
System and power management design tools manage up to 64 power rails and support PMBus
Voltage references deliver ultra-low noise, high accuracy and value for precision applications
Analog Devices appoints Anglia to help grow sales in UK and Ireland
Quad uModule ADCs with Integrated signal conditioning reduce size, power and time-to-market for imaging and base station designs
15-V 800-mA step down synchronous regulators deliver improve power efficiency and density for portable electronics
100-V high-side current sense DC/DC controller helps to regulate a constant-current or constant-voltage for HBLEDs
18-bit, 2.5-Msps SAR ADC achieves 99.8-dB SNR with flexible analog input ranges
NXP Semiconductors acquires the Catena Group to focus on high performance mixed signal applications
16- and 24-bit ECG/EEG AFEs focus on portable biopotential measurement applications
Analog Devices acquires Multigig to strengthen high-speed signal processing solutions
ADC driver delivers industry's highest performance-to-power ratio by 8x
Akustica unveils new analog MEMS microphone
Analog Devices optimizes processors for image processing
New NXP Cortex-M0 microcontroller features UVLO for power control and power monitoring applications
Beyond-the-rails mux and switch family simplifies power-supply requirements for switching high-voltage signals
Multi-channel AFE energy measurement chip offers improve flexibility for broad range of monitoring applications
Third generation solution from XMOS simplifies high speed USB audio design
TI unveils world's first configurable NDIR gas sensing and pH sensing AFEs
Complete HART modem IC targets process control applications
Digital audio development board enables designers to experiment with a choice of audio file formats and DACs
32-bit microcontrollers Include I2S interface for audio playback applications
TI claims fastest 16-bit DAC at 1.5 GSPS
TI creates new benchmark for evaluating high-speed data converters with industry’s highest-performance, lowest-cost evaluation boards
Enhanced design tool adds support for 29 new RF ICs and data converters
austriamicrosystems releases new versions of process design kit for 0.35-um specialty processes
Analog Devices claims high-performance with the industry's lowest-noise MEMS microphone
11-bit 2.5-GSPS D/A converter increases number of QAM channels supported per D/A converter by up to 20 times.
Cadence collaborates with Samsung foundry to deliver DFM solution for 32-, 28- and 20-nm chip design
Synchronous regulator reduces board space and enables highly efficient power management
High density hot swap front-ends deliver up to 650-W
Mouser Electronics signs global distribution deal with Monolithic Power Systems
Analog Devices’ FMC boards support Xilinx’s FPGA targeted design platforms to help designers cut development times
Intersil unveils single and dual channel 14-bit ADCs as industry's fastest with JESD204B serial outputs
Full featured analog front end supports DSP/FPGA/microcontroller based systems
Multi-output regulators with supervisory timers reduce component count, increase power density and reliability
TI unveils fastest, highest-performance AFE for femtocells and portable SDR
New energy efficient, high-precision 16-bit sensor signal conditioner offers high accuracy amplification and high resolution output
Analog class-D audio amplifier exhibits power density of 3.2-W/mm2
New PLL synthesizers deliver flexibility and phase noise performance
Dual 18-bit current output SPI DAC achieves ±1LSB INL and DNL over temperature
Ultra-low phase noise clock oscillator provides high-performance frequency control for HD audio equipment
PLL synthesisers deliver high flexibility and phase noise performance
New codec and compression techniques bring clarity to CCTV surveillance
TI's integration strategy for National Semiconductor devices begins to take shape
The Top 10 Most Popular Analog News Stories of 2011
8x8x1mm high voltage analog switch reduces PCB area and increases system reliability
Digital power solution offers system-level benefits compared with hybrid digital and analog alternatives
The 12 DACs/ADCs of Xmas - TI's acquisition of National Semiconductor leads to a year to remember for data converters
IDT introduces low-power, low-distortion RF to IF mixers
GSA releases of analog/mixed-signal/radio frequency process control monitoring checklist tool
API Technologies releases new 4-20-mA output Hall Effect precision sensors
Hardware validation platform for mobile interface standards enables at-speed validation
Fujitsu Semiconductor adopts Apache Design's Totem software for power noise and reliability analysis
TI unveils new ultra-low-power MSP430 microcontrollers deliver more performance and higher precision
Silicon TV tuner provides full integration of RF filter and state-of-the-art LTE immunity
20-bit and 18-bit D/A converters provide stability and ultra-low noise to increase accuracy of instrumentation equipment
ADI and Richardson RFPD sign worldwide distributor deal to expand support for high-performance RF systems designers
Touchstone adds six new analog ICs to alternate-source Maxim product family
High-voltage CMOS, high-voltage Flash and RF Multi Project Wafer services schedule is released for foundry customers
Touchstone Semiconductor launches tightest offset, low-power current-sense amplifiers
New low-power MCUs feature RC ADCs for accurate temperature measurement
16-channel audio D/A converter provides high-performance audio at lower power
MEMS accelerometers focus on precision to help archers hit targets
Single-chip solutions offer integrated industrial communication protocols to accelerate industrial designs
Analog Bits uses Magma's FineSim SPICE to accelerate analog IP verification
14-bit, 8-channel ADC offers best noise performance and lowest power at 80 MSPS for medical imaging applications
Ultra-low-noise LDOs optimizes load performance in communications, medical and industrial systems
ADC drivers claims new standard in power and performance to increase accuracy and battery life
10-DoF MEMS IMU offers tactical grade performance
High performance CMOS image sensor targets biometric and medical device applications
18-bit, 1.6-Msps, pseudo-differential serial SAR ADC achieves 96.5-dB SNR performance, consumes 18-mW of power
STMicroelectronics unveils faster route to certified, cable set-top boxes
Lowest power dual 500-MSPS DACs lower the cost of wideband transmit systems
14-bit 310-Msps dual ADC family enables linearization of 60-MHz transmit bandwidth using DPD
ADI helps the Large Hadron Collider achieve highest possible superconducting magnet performance
Semtech expands multi-touch support for 4D-Touch platform to enhance the user experience
CMOS analog switch and multiplexers provide low-voltage logic compatibility down to 1.4-V
Multiservice line card adaptive clock translators support wide range of wired communications applications
Six new low-voltage dual SPST analog switches offer ultra-small packaging benefits
Ultra-high speed 12-bit DAC supports high reliability military and aerospace applications
Microwave PLL synthesiser eliminates frequency-doubling in broadband applications
austriamicrosystems extends high-voltage CMOS technology towards power grid applications
FineSim SPICE simulation enables Diodes to accelerate tape out of two synchronous switching voltage regulators
X-FAB qualifies Cadence Physical Verification System for all process nodes
Analog Devices claims industry's fastest, low noise, low power, rail-to-rail amplifiers
Compact multi-axis MEMS vibration monitor provides low-noise performance and embedded analysis
Medical MEMS tackles knee replacement
e2v unveils 12-bit 1.5-GSPS ADC
Jur-ASIC Parts program recreates obsolete and non-linear audio devices
Fraunhofer IIS co-operates on nanometer technology with Fujitsu
Energy metering IC provides high accuracy harmonic analysis for power quality monitoring
austriamicrosystems ICs enables low power consumption, low solution cost for UHF RFID reader
ADI releases new RF ICs to reduce component count, board space in broadband communications applications
Lattice launches power management seminars, lowers price of evaluation boards
12- and 14-bit, 40 to 250-MSPS ADCs claims best dynamic range
4D-Touch Platform aims to enhance user experience by sensing all four dimensions
Charge pump drives SAR ADCs to true zero on a single 5-V supply
AV front-end enables cinema-quality sound and picture in home theater designs
MEMS gyroscope provides shock and vibration immunity for automotive applications
Electric vehicles to boost analog IC demand
Altis collaborates with Cadence Services to offer PDKs
3-axis MEMS gyroscope measures only 3.5x3x1mm
Newnes launches source book of analog circuit design solutions
Ultra-low phase noise CMOS oscillator provides 168-dBc/Hz noise floor
Single-wire 16-bit DAC for 4-to-20-mA loops simplifies smart transmitter design
Analog resistive USB touch-screen controller offers advanced calibration capabilities
RMS-to-DC converter ensures accuracy and best-in-class dynamic range
5-V zero drift rail-to-rail precision op amp offers low power consumption with half the noise
Digital audio SoC family enables cooler new flat-panel TV designs
National Semiconductor expands sensor AFE family with seven 24-bit and 16-bit pin-compatible ICs
Microsemi offers FreeRTOS support for SmartFusion cSoC devices
TAOS agrees to join forces with austriamicrosystems
Analog Devices integrates two bucks regulators and two LDOs in smaller PMICs
Dual output 20-V, 3-A switching regulator features high and flat conversion efficiency
Ultra-low power 8/16-bit AVR XMEGA MCU includes USB and high-precision analog systems
uncompensated/unamplified board mount pressure sensors
austriamicrosystems collaborates with F-Brain to support foundry customers on backend test solutions in Japan
Direct RF-sampling ADCs aims to revolutionize radio architectures
Google selects austriamicrosystems for Arduino prototyping platform
Rugged, precision analog accelerometers offer quick shipment benefits
MEMS-based digital inclinometer system delivers 0.1-degree roll/pitch accuracy
Space-saving low-voltage analog switches feature low on-resistance down to 0.6-ohms maximum at 2.7- V
Ultra-low power DAC delivers crystal-clear audio
SolarMagic chipset and firmware help detect hazardous arc faults in PV systems
Magma and Fraunhofer IIS partner to accelerate analog macro cell design
10-Degrees-of-Freedom MEMS sensor IMU helps simplify designs for unmanned vehicles
Differential RF/IF amplifier claims best-in-class performance for driving high-speed data converters
Integrated 1-Watt, 2-stage driver amplifiers address entire cellular frequency range
Apache reveals power, noise, and thermal solutions for TSMC Analog/Mixed-Signal Reference Flow 2.0
Mentor Graphics delivers new capabilities in TSMC Analog/Mixed Signal Reference Flow 2.0
Synopsys collaborates with TSMC to develop custom design solution for 28nm Analog/Mixed-Signal Reference Flow 2.0
Maxim to acquire Edinburgh-based Calvatec Ltd for its analog mixed-signal solutions
National Semiconductor releases industry's first online analog design tool in Portuguese language
New RF design tools simplify RF system development to speed time-to-market
Chip makers join embedded vision group
High-temp MEMS goes seismic
Skyworks agrees to acquire Advanced Analogic Technologies
High-speed data converters maximise receiver sensitivity and dynamic range for 3G and 4G cellular base stations
Analog Devices introduces single-chip automotive radar frontend
IPETRONIK rolls high-speed, multi-input analog measurement module with sensor excitation
Texas Instruments unveils first quad-channel 16-bit, 100 MSPS ADC for faster, smaller medical imaging
MEMS-based dual-axis accelerometer offers guaranteed high temperature operation up to +175 degrees C
Analog Devices unveils first single-chip 5-kVrms RS-485 data transceivers
Compact TV tuners focus digital terrestrial and analog broadcast demands
High performance development platform enables rapid deployment of motor control systems
Switches offer guaranteed latch-up prevention, low charge injection and low leakage
Analog Devices unveils industry-first mixers with wideband performance for multi-band communications
Growth in mobile data traffic focuses NXP technology on the wireless infrastructure sector
G3-PLC chipset complies with IEEE P1901.2 pre-standard for smart grid communications
D/A converter supports multi-carrier wireless standards using less PCB space
Analog Devices unveils industry's first 3-GHz HDMI receiver
Foundry-certified 0.18-micron analog CMOS PDK
World's highest performance RF DAC enables linearity performance breakthroughs
Apple becomes second largest buyer of consumer/cell phone MEMS sensors in 2010
New software GUI supports MSP430 16-bit microcontrollers
Si2 to form 3-D IC standards group
Clare claims industry's first monolithic high-voltage isolated analog switch array
Programmable LED driver enables independent control of nine LED sinks
Data converter duo deliver the speed and performance at low power
Low power, 16-bit, high speed ADCs claim excellent SNR and simpler multi-channel system design
Zero-drift amplifier from Analog Devices claims industry's lowest voltage noise
TI adds on-chip respiration measurement to ECG/EEG AFE family for portable patient monitoring systems
TI agrees to acquire National Semiconductor
Microcontroller portfolio claims industry's first programmable metrology devices for low-cost AFE solutions
Proximity capacitive touch sensor platform focuses on TV applications
Ultralow power 12-/14-bit 25-Msps-125-Msps ADCs operate at less than 100-mW at 125-Msps
iWatt selects Magma's Titan platform to automate analog design of power supply control ICs
STMicroelectronics unveils smallest 3-axis analog gyroscope
CERN selects Cadence Services to create and maintain design environments for internal teams and partners
1.25-GSPS, 16-bit DAC slashes power consumption 65 percent, increases speed 25 percent
Display SerDes Saves up to 700-mW on flat panel display SOCs
Reference circuit program targets a growing challenge facing design engineers worldwide
Rutronik strengthens partnership with Intersil in Europe
12-/10-/8-bit dual SPI/I2C DACs integrate precision reference in 8-lead 3-mm x 3-mm TSOT-23 package
ADI aims to help engineers solve design challenges in analog, RF and mixed-signal systems
Intel Mobile Communications acquires SySDSoft
Microchip expands non-volatile Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) family
Cadence boosts productivity at nodes down to 20-nm by enhancing unified custom/analog flow
Zero drift current-sense amplifier offers high bandwidth performance
Microsemi unveils solar technology portfolio
New generation of high performance MEMS gyros prepare to tackle harsh environments
PMC-Sierra unveils first EPON ONU SoC with integrated OAFE technology
Single/dual, 14-bit 250-Msps ADCs offer high SFDR undersampling performance
First 2-channel, simultaneous-sampling ADCs feature two independently controlled internal references
Low-power iMEMS gyros offer high performance benefits under harsh vibration
Analog and RF circuit optimization tool unveils new algorithms to port circuits between similar technologies
Magma's Titan and FineSim software is validated for LFoundry's iPDKs
Faraday selects Silicon Frontline's F3D for accurate 3D extraction of ADCs
Stereo analog subsystem with Class G headphone amp offers loudspeaker protection for mobile handsets
IMS CHIPS standardizes on Cadence Silicon Realization solution for advanced gate array design
Development kits generate clean positive and negative voltage rails for powering data converters
14-bit D/A converter helps synthesize entire cable spectrum into a single RF port
Low-power RF transceiver targets short-range wireless systems in industrial, science and medical applications
National Semiconductor offers industry's first analog design tool in Russian language
RF demodulator integrates PLL synthesiser and VCO to deliver high performance and wide dynamic range
Analog Devices unveils integrated AFE subsystem for diagnostic-quality ECG applications
Analog Bits releases industry's lowest power 40-nm high bandwidth SerDes
New sensor AFE solution aims to revolutionize how sensor systems are designed
Sub-microamp quiescent current LDOs extend battery life in wireless devices
Cadence drives giga-gate/gigahertz design at 28-nm with digital end-to-end flow
ADI's SPICE simulation tool upgrade allows engineers to design larger, complex circuits
Vishay adds Hi-Rel DG408 8-channel analog multiplexer to military analog switches family
High-speed 8-bit A/D converters claim best-in-class power and noise performance
Shutter driver targets continuous pulsed applications
iCoupler digital isolation technology offers satellite power protection solution
Configurable sensor AFE solution aims to simplify sensor systems designs, speeds time-to-market
NXP high-speed converters achieve interoperability with Nujira OpenET envelope tracking solutions
Smartphones raise profile, prospects for analog/mixed-signal
ZMDI and SE Spezial-Electronic sign distribution agreement
Analog Bits becomes first IP provider to deliver PLL products on 28-nm low power Common Platform process
ICsense expands team to 29 and doubles lab and office space
ADI extends online education series with webcast to sharpen fundamental design skills
Low-power HDMI transmitters deliver flawless HD video and ultra-slim multimedia designs for portable electronics
AgO adds feasibility analysis to analog design optimization tool
18-Bit, 1.6-Msps, serial SAR ADC claims 101-dB SNR performance
ADI adds dual output synchronous controller to power management portfolio
The Top 10 most popular analog and mixed-signal technical articles of 2010
The Top 10 Most Popular Analog and Mixed Signal News Stories of 2010
IC lab explores Superman's X-ray vision
Cosmic to develop IP for Globalfoundries
New plug offers cost-effective conversion of analog signals into IO-Link signals
Fourth generation analog mobile TV receiver
Dual SPST analog switch features 1.8-V to 5.5-V single power supply
Future Electronics and austriamicrosystems agree worldwide distribution deal
PMR audio processor claims unrivalled performance
STMicroelectronics simplifies Blu-ray design with three-in-one power-supply IC
Low-power HDMI receivers deliver enhanced A/V system performance
Micrium RTOS supports Cypress PSoC 5 ARM Cortex-M3 development platform
Duo designs ultrasound platform
Easics and Icsense pool expertise to offer mixed-signal ASICS solutions
16-bit 125-Msps ADCs reduce power to 185-mW
austriamicrosystems expands CMOS, high-voltage, high-voltage flash and RF multi project wafer services for foundry customers
Cypress passes the 750 million shipment milestone of PSoC devices
Dual-supply supervisory ICs improve monitoring of microprocessors and FPGAs
Cypress offers cash and prizes for winners of the ARM Cortex-M3/PSoC 5 Design Challenge
2.3- and 5.3-megapixel image sensors focus on  machine vision, security and traffic monitoring applications
MEMS vibration analysis system offers compact solution for accurate vibration profiling
Analog Devices releases industry's first fully differential attenuating precision amplifier
Compact LED driver ICs offer energy savings in vehicle headlights and tail lights
Honeywell unveils analog interface for reading airflow
Low-power receiver ICs advance ultrasound system design
Audio jack detection and configuration switch enables detection of different audio accessories
Maxim starts production shipments from 300-mm wafers
JVD expands sales operations with first European office
Single-cell AA/AAA, 555-like analog timer offers battery-safe operation
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Exar
New demodulator for broadband communication designs saves board space, reduces cost, and shortens design time
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Exar
Digital isolator features integrated transformer driver and PWM controller
Fairchild selects Magwel's Power Transistor Modeling tool to design and verify high current power devices  
Ultra-low-noise, low-power ADC drivers drive high fidelity signals at 20-MHz to 100-MHz
New applications to drive analog demand
Lightweight linear position sensors offers reliability benefits
Programmable Platform Manager cuts costs by up to half, trims weeks from design time
SLOC solution helps drive the transition from analog CCTV to networked IP surveillance
New 16-Bit ADCs focus on high performance, wide bandwidths and ease of use
Microsemi buys Actel for $430 million
Variable gain amplifiers offer performance and integration benefits at RF and IF frequencies
250 MSPS 16-bit ADC claims new level of signal processing performance
Analog turns counting dial offers enhanced accuracy
Circuit card electro-pneumatic servo pressure regulators offer high performance for OEM applications
Analog Devices and Silica partner to offer free power management seminars across Europe
First true 0.9-V microcontroller enables multiple applications to run from a single-cell battery
Dolphin Integration launches analog front-end for power metering
Class H VDSL line driver amplifier reduces broadband power use
Sentinel IC Technologies opens European Technology Center
austriamicrosystems signs global distribution agreement with Digi-Key
Full-flow Analog IC design suite now also runs under Linux
Enhanced audio scrambler and sub-audio signalling processor IC targets analog two-way radios
ADI's MEMS wins the heart of palm-sized cardiopulmonary resuscitation device
Mixed-Signal Front End ICs save space and reduce power in wireless communications equipment
Industry's first 4G/LTE Band 7 Duplexer FBAR technology offers improved battery life and service quality
ADI partners Altera to streamline wireless infrastructure system development
Synopsys custom design tools help Creative Chips to tape out complex mixed-signal chip
16-bit quad, I2C DAC with internal reference achieves +4LSB INL (Max)
Semtech and Microchip deliver reference design for secure, multi-band wireless RKE systems
12-Bit 500-MSPS ADC claims power consumption five times lower than any competing device
Low power 16-bit dual ADC claims lowest noise performance in its class
ADI - Xilinx collaboration streamlines base station design
Low-power JESD204A data converters offer board space savings communications applications
National Semiconductor unveils first analog audio subsystem with integrated noise reduction
Virage Logic strengthens silicon-proven IP with SiANA analog IP solution
Multi-carrier MS-DPD development platform aims to streamline base station design process
Intelligent PMIC focuses on portable consumer applications
1500-mA LED flash driver improves picture quality for camera-enabled mobile phones
STMicroelectronics selects Cadence QRC Extraction for 40-nm analog/mixed-signal designs
Plessey Semiconductors transfers bipolar process onto 8-inch line in Plymouth
Multichannel, 16-bit DAC drives productivity, energy efficiency and reliability in industrial process control I/O systems
Four-port PoE midspan focuses on small to medium-sized business applications
Step-down dc-to-dc synchronous regulators enable high-density PoL designs
Multichannel data converter offers dynamic power control for first time
Data converters and amplifiers help to search for dark energy and dark matter
European expert panel proposes new analog IC design methodology to overcome analog bottleneck
Analog FastSPICE Transient Noise supports TSMC Analog Mixed Signal Reference Flow 1.0
Zarlink collaborates with CADEKA to target video surveillance market
austriamicrosystems releases process design kit for 0.18-um High-Voltage CMOS technology
Wireless data QAM modem IC user offers time to market benefits
National Semiconductor acquires GTronix
Japan's Toppan Technical Design Center agrees specialty foundry deal with TowerJazz
X-FAB to support Mentor Graphics' Olympus-SoC place and route system
ZMDI applies mixed-signal expertise to enable energy efficient LED lighting
1MBd analog optocouplers in compact SOP-5 package
TSMC selects EdXact Jivaro for 28nm analog and mixed-signal reference flow
Precise MEMS inertial sensors offer performance gains for industrial designs
Precise temperature sensors offer alternatives to thermistors and resistance temperature detectors
Cypress unveils new scalable development platform for PSoC 5 system-on-chip architecture
Atmel analog companion chip enables ARM9-based multimedia solutions
12-bit ADC paves the way for new generation of software-defined radio solutions
Low-power 8-bit MCU features LCD driver, 5-V operation and on-chip 12-bit ADC
World's first IAD solution with 2-layer circuit board targets NGN telecoms secctor
Lattice boosts Hot-swap coverage for Power Manager devices
5-GHz differential amplifier is industry’s first to drive 1-GHz data converter signals
Analog FastSPICE Multi-Core Parallel solution offers up to 50x higher performance
Single-chip gyroscope provides high-performance angular rate sensing for flight safety tool
4-to-20 mA 16-bit DAC targets loop-powered, smart transmitter applications
Industry’s fastest 12-bit ADC opens up new applications for wideband SDRs
Clocking ICs aim for improved performance in timing signal chain
PLL synthesizer with 30-V charge pump targets microwave point-to-point systems
Analog design tool accelerates layout productivity for analog/mixed-signal designs
RF prescalers operate up to 18 GHz with low power consumption
SiTime signs pan-European distribution agreement with MSC Vertriebs
Integrated codecs and DACs offer enhanced audio features in eBooks
4-A dual-channel gate driver with digital isolation technology replaces optocouplers
Low power ANC ICs improve listening quality in mobile accessories
RF mixers enable designs with high dynamic range and low noise requirements
DACs enable resolution, output and voltage-reference selection flexibility
Analog vendors turning away business
Intersil completes Techwell acquisition
High-speed quad DAC yields higher performance in wireless base stations
Silego Technology unveils a miniature metal mask programmable digital and analog IC
32-bit microcontroller targets analog circuit control in industrial and appliance applications
Aplix offers rapid application development platform for SmartFusion FPGAs
Digital switches complement analog output optical devices
Synopsys offers support for Actel's SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGAs
Cadence contributes mixed signal verification technology to the Accellera Standards Group
IDT awards Future Electronics a pan-European franchise
Arrow signs up to distribute Silicon Labs' mixed-signal products
Best-in-class silicon tuner eliminates spurs in analog and digital TV reception
STMicroelectronics selects OrCAD PSpice to evaluate analog and power ICs
Evaluation platform enables simulation of ST’s analog and power product families
RF ICs cut component count by 75 percent for broadband communications kit
TI claims highest linearity, smallest dual, 16-bit, 800-MSPS interpolating DAC
Class-D audio amplifiers reduce design complexity in portable electronics
16-Bit, 80-Msps ADC offers noise reduction in data conversion systems
Online product selector tool speeds selection of new PSoC architectures
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Sanyo Semiconductor
MoSys acquires MagnaLynx and expands SerDes development team
IAR Systems supports Actel's new SmartFusion mixed signal FPGAs
Intersil set to buy Techwell for $370 million
Software library offers building blocks for video analytics
Opnext, Mobius develop CMOS ADC for optical comms
DC-to-DC switching regulators simplify Power Bus and point-of-load power designs
16-bit quad, SPI DAC achieves ±4LSB INL (Max)
White LED flash driver boosts picture quality in mobile phones
Micrium supports Actel SmartFusion FPGAs
OSCI releases first Analog/Mixed-Signal standard for SystemC-based design
2.4 GHz ISM Band RF transceiver targets short-range wireless systems
Integrated lithium-ion battery protection circuit and safety monitor is unveiled by Analog Devices
Mixed-signal AM/FM receiver brings digital performance to analog radios
Silentium selects Blackfin processors to power ANC product solutions
Tanner EDA collaborates with IC Mask Design to develop tools to speed analog layout design
French workers approve the sale of Atmel's Rousset Fab to LFoundry
Differential sensor signal conditioner measures pressure, temperature, linear position, force and load
Analog Devices offers discounts on VisualDSP++ development tools and emulators
New EDA tool release boosts analog and mixed-signal design productivity
Looking ahead: Data converter trends for 2010

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