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Digital audio power amp simplifies infotainment system design December 21, 2015Digital audio power amp simplifies infotainment system design STMicroelectronics (ST) has launched the second generation of power amplifiers for car audio applications. The new FDA801 and FDA801B 4-channel class-D amplifiers with digital input convert the digital audio source directly into high-quality, cabin-filling sound. Read more Levitation by sound November 2, 2015Levitation by sound Veteran microcontroller programmer Ioannis Piliounis considers the use of acoustic waves for levitation. Read more Eximo amplifier gains Chinese design win October 5, 2015Eximo amplifier gains Chinese design win Hansong Nanjing Technology Co. Ltd. (Nanjing, China) has selected the MA12040 audio amplifier from Merus Audio for its new Bluetooth wireless speaker platform. The platform is specifically optimized for minimum power consumption and longest battery lifetime. Read more Keep it turned up to 11 – audio PA transistors in smaller package September 25, 2015Keep it turned up to 11 – audio PA transistors in smaller package Same power, smaller outline is the message from Toshiba in respect of its bipolar transistors for use in the output Tr stage of high definition audio systems. 2SA1943N and 2SC5200N are complementary (respectively) PNP and NPN triple-diffused devices that provide the same sound output as the prior 2SA1943 and 2SC5200 but in a smaller TO-3P(N) package. Read more The Filter Wizard: The step-by-step birth of a custom digital filter, Part 3 August 20, 2015The Filter Wizard: The step-by-step birth of a custom digital filter, Part 3 Kendall Castor-Perry of Cypress Semiconductor, otherwise known as The Filter Wizard, reveals the twist in the tail of his design of a decimation filter for an audio signal. Read more
The Filter Wizard: The step-by-step birth of a custom digital filter, Part 2
Knowles offers I2S output microphone
1.9W Class-D audio amplifier delivers high SPL
Richard Feynman and homomorphic filtering
Merus raises cash for audio amp roll out
ADCs for portables offer improved audio
Analog noise cancellation shines in speaker driver IC
Here come wireless electric guitar effects pedals
The Filter Wizard: Just add a transistor or clipping me softly
Set-top boxes morphing into MHGs, says IHS
Cirrus to take half audio codec and hub IC market, says report
INCJ, Intel back Trigence in digital audio
CEO interview: Exar's 'reboot' almost done, says DiNardo
Soundbar uses Gorilla Glass as loudspeaker
Cadence offers always-on sensor fusion platforms
Sound processor integrates RF noise removal function
Android App automates Bluetooth and analogue audio testing for smartphones and tablets
IP for an audio DAC will build densest block in 55 nm silicon, for STB and wireless audio
4-channel PCI Express frame grabber capture analog video and stereo audio
Danish startup to launch innovative audio amplifier
ICsense enters strategic deal with Audio Pixels to support digital MEMS based speaker chip
Electro-acoustic measurements software for better loudspeaker tests
Dialog Semiconductor licenses Cadence’s Tensilica HiFi audio/voice DSP IP
Ruark Audio selects Nordic Semiconductor RF technology for its retro-styled R7 music center
Dual channel 3G-SDI video/audio capture card supports up to 12-bit pixel depth
Single-chip DockPort solution enables DisplayPort, USB and power over a single cable
Mobile-device sound quality boosted with MaxxAudio technologies
Software-enhanced sound solution targets portable devices
Cypress releases development kit for iPhone, iPad and iPod audio accessories
Audio amplifiers offer reduced smartphone interference
Audio DAC for highest-quality sound circuits
Mass production ready audio module integrates low power Bluetooth
300 percent increase in battery life with low power Bluetooth wireless speaker module
Redux Labs spins out from HiWave to develop new haptics and embedded audio
Low power 'always on' software for voice control
HD Audio hub with SLIMbus and I2S interfaces for mobiles
Single-chip digital radio receivers support HD Radio and DAB/DAB+
Industrial strength PCIe/104 form factor A/V Codec
8-channel PWM audio processor has dual sample rate converters
Bluetooth all-in one module with antenna targets automotive use
Wolfson to become primary Samsung audio partner for the Galaxy range
DAB RF to Bits tuner eliminates the need for a dedicated demodulator to offer system flexibility
Automotive emergency call system reference design
NXP claims sound quality breakthrough with 9.5-V boost voltage in mobile micro speakers
Audio engines combine with high-performance MEMS microphones for feature-rich sound
Wolfson and Sensory demonstrate world's lowest-power speech recognition solution for mobile devices
Audio codec enhances smartphone sound quality
Audio codec integrates single microphone noise/echo cancellation
World's lowest latency wireless guitar jack claims superiority to a wired link
Gigabit Ethernet MAC IP with audio video bridging
L2Tek deal with Valens brings reduction in HD video transmission costs to the UK market
To win: three digital audio development boards from Future Electronics
5x5x2mm audio transducer delivers 80dBA of sound pressure level
New DAC delivers high quality audio performance in a small package size
Graphical audio DSP development tool for SHARC
Op amps set new performance and power benchmarks for pro audio and prosumer audio systems
Class-D amplifier family brings digital audio to automotive infotainment
Airtight audio connectors for active loudspeaker manufacturers
24-V power amplifier offers state-of-the-art audio performance to truck cabs and buses
Diotek’s speech recognition engine complements Conexant’s digital audio processor
Class-D amplifier for high-end automotive infotainment
HDMI video and audio capture card for multimedia device testing and medical imaging
Innovative mobile audio solution delivers more than five times the power to micro speakers
Audio configuration switch IC detects headset type to ease system design
Intel Capital invests in audio for use in ultrabooks
Quad core HD audio processor SoC offers HD Audio performance for smartphones and tablets
Next generation HD audio SoC offers integrated transmit noise reduction and SLIMbus interface for smartphone and tablet applications
Audio codec for mobile devices provide echo and noise cancellation at wideband voice sampling rates up to 16-kHz
Stereo spatial array IC brings immersive audio experience to smartphones and tablets
Class-D amplifier device reduces distortion and prevents early phone software shutdown
Mobile device segment in slow semiconductor market grows over 20% in 2011
Audience reverse engineers human hearing for mobile
Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack offers crystal clear audio to microcontroller-based applications
Third generation solution from XMOS simplifies high speed USB audio design
Mono audio amplifier IC for Hi-Fi speakers gives 13W burst output and 10x efficiency gains
Low phase noise clock oscillator delivers high-performance frequency control for DAB
Merus Audio raises EUR 1.7m to develop ultra-efficient and compact audio amplifiers
Digital audio development board enables designers to experiment with a choice of audio file formats and DACs
Sensory and Tensilica partner on speech recognition subsystem
Audio analyzer with direct PDM interface for MEMS microphone testing
Analog class-D audio amplifier exhibits power density of 3.2-W/mm2
Clock oscillator has a phase noise of -100 dBc/Hz at 10Hz offset for audio equipment
Ultra-low phase noise clock oscillator provides high-performance frequency control for HD audio equipment
The Top 10 Most Popular Analog News Stories of 2011
16-channel audio D/A converter provides high-performance audio at lower power
19.9mm thin high performance sounder delivers 87dB
USB audio decoder IC offers versatile audio playback benefits
NXP claims breakthrough Class-AB and Class-D audio amplifiers for start-stop systems
TI launches family of spatial audio engines
New HD audio PC solution offers 5x better audio quality
Active Noise Cancelling ICs offer improved hearing in both Bluetooth and wired mono headsets
Two-microphone wireless audio reference design kit supports consumer gaming
MEMS microphone smoothes the way to natural voice control in smart consumer devices
TI introduces wireless audio products with USB support
Low-cost audio processor eliminates need to write or license audio algorithms
Jur-ASIC Parts program recreates obsolete and non-linear audio devices
USB audio/video codec in 38x70mm footprint
3:1 USB mobile high definition link switch supports both high definition video and audio data transfer to 1.3-GHz
Digital audio SoC family enables cooler new flat-panel TV designs
Class D audio amplifier for flat panel TVs features digital power limit and selectable gain
Wolfson reveals world’s first audio SoC
STMicroelectronics collaborates with Soundchip to bring HD-PA to market
32bit MCU dev kit provides 24bit audio
Low-power audio codec optimizes audio performance, prevents speaker damage
Audio streamer IC delivers class-leading cost and power optimization for mono wireless audio applications
8-W high aspect ratio drivers create new applications for high quality audio design
Ultra-low power DAC delivers crystal-clear audio
Touch-sensing solution supports Clarion Touch Panel featured in Suzuki MR Wagon
New mobile audio initiative deploys high performance mixed signal technology to boost audio performance while minimizing battery life
Wireless stereo audio modules feature audio codec firmware update
Sound terminal IC for heatsink-free 50W audio systems
2-channel class D audio driver IC delivers high performance in a smaller footprint
Audio processing chip boosts performance from small, low-cost speakers
Op-amps raise audio performance without increasing BOM costs
Wolfson's new focus: HD audio on PCs
Wolfson unleashes HD Audio performance in the PC and laptop market
Atmel collaborates with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower to develop high-quality audio platform
New HiWave kit supports rapid development of USB-powered consumer audio systems
Wolfson licenses Oxford Digital's TinyCore DSP technology
Haptic touch and audio exciters simulate mechanical key movement
Dialog Semi's gambit on mobile 2D/3D chip
PMR audio processor claims unrivalled performance
Samsung Electronics selects Dialog’s audio codec IC for new line of MP3 players
3-channel Class D audio driver IC offers superior sound quality in a smaller footprint
Class D audio amplifiers and current limiting switch devices target portable and consumer applications
Audio jack detection and configuration switch enables detection of different audio accessories
Audio Hub solution enables HD audio  in portable multimedia applications
High-definition PC audio codecs offer 3-state Class-D modulation, extend battery life
Power-efficient audio codec targets consumer electronics devices
Rugged kHz frequency silicon MEMS oscillator targets high reliability industrial applications
MSC offers industry's first kHz frequency silicon MEMS oscillator
Mark Levinson teams up with Intersil D2Audio to develop custom-tuned audio amplifiers
Audio codec protects against loudspeaker damage, boosts audio fidelity
Dialog PMIC and audio codec supports Renesas reference platform for HD video enabled mobile devices
Enhanced audio scrambler and sub-audio signalling processor IC targets analog two-way radios
Audio amplifier module transforms USB-powered audio power and quality performance
Ultra low power audio hub focuses on portable digital audio applications
National Semiconductor unveils first analog audio subsystem with integrated noise reduction
HD sound-to-silicon solution features Blu-ray software for low cost SoCs
National Semiconductor acquires GTronix
Laird licenses apt-X audio codec technology for Bluetooth stereo audio modules
SMSC buys another wireless audio chip vendor
Fairchild focuses micro-USB solutions as key to differentiating mobile designs
Cirrus Logic rolls audio ICs
Atmel analog companion chip enables ARM9-based multimedia solutions
Freescale releases PMIC for new Intel Atom processor
Virage Logic extends suite of  fully optimized audio codecs
Ethernet controller IP implements new audio video bridging features
Integrated codecs and DACs offer enhanced audio features in eBooks
TI unveils lowest power JFET-input audio operational amplifiers
Wolfson licenses Tensilica HiFi audio to create low power, HD sound platform
NXT acquires Audium Semiconductor's IP to offer USB-powered loudspeakers
Audio/video clock generator needs no external clock conditioning
Multichannel A/V decoder chips target video surveillance systems
Class-D audio amplifiers reduce design complexity in portable electronics
Multifunctional sound processors for car audio systems
iPhone Dock reference design keeps the audio signal path end-to-end digital

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