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Analog EDA

Excel tunes up your schematic files

March 29, 2010 | Kendall Castor-Perry | 222900575
Excel tunes up your schematic files Kendall Castor-Perry, Principal Architect, Cypress Semiconductor outlines a technique for using an Excel spreadsheet in conjunction with LTSpice

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This article, by prolific author Kendall Castor-Perry, expands on a previous article and details how to transfer a spreadsheet-based circuit design directly to the LTSpice simulator, and provides some practical information on how to do it. The approach takes advantage of the ASCII formatting used by LTSpice for its .asc schematic files. The article includes both a description of the method and a worked-out example, and also includes links to the author's many previous articles.
The article is presented in pdf file form (no registration needed); to read it, click here.

About the author

Kendall Castor-Perry is a Principal Architect at Cypress Semiconductor, doing mixed-signal system analysis and design for the new PSoC platform. He uses decades of experience in analogue engineering, filtering and signal processing to capture signals across many domains, extract the information from them and do something useful with it.


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