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News about Fairchild Semiconductor

The peak-to-average ratio: or how good engineers can look bad January 12, 2015The peak-to-average ratio: or how good engineers can look bad Ken Coffman, field applications engineer with Fairchild Semiconductor, discusses the trade-offs between providing excellence and excellent value for money in different situations. Read more Fairchild's Ullal on reinventing the company September 29, 2014Fairchild's Ullal on reinventing the company We already know that Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. in San Jose, Calif., recently purchased the world's most exalted MEMS motion tracking company, Xsens Technologies B.V. in Enschede, Netherlands -- famous for its motion tracking suits used in the 20th Century Fox movie X-Men: First Class among many others. Read more Fairchild Semiconductor reveals new 'No Obsolete' product and lifetime supply policies November 21, 2013Fairchild Semiconductor reveals new 'No Obsolete' product and lifetime supply policies Fairchild Semiconductor has established a new product obsolescence policy for power and mobile product lines that claims to be the best-in-class in the industry.
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Energy, Mobility, and the Cloud: key opportunities for power-management solutions November 13, 2013Energy, Mobility, and the Cloud: key opportunities for power-management solutions EE Times Europe Power Management’s editor, Paul Buckley interviews Vijay Ullal, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Fairchild Semiconductor, who joined Fairchild Semiconductor in September 2012. After a year in the post we discover how he sees Fairchild developing. Read more Fairchild Semiconductor kicks off power seminars program in Europe September 3, 2013Fairchild Semiconductor kicks off power seminars program in Europe Fairchild Semiconductor is starting the company’s eighth season of worldwide technical power seminars which will begin in September 2013 in Europe at 13 locations. Read more
Automotive qualified high-speed, low-side driver family boosts efficiency, simplifies design
Fairchild Semiconductor offers innovative BLDC motor control reference design
Integrated low-side gate driver incorporates 3.3-V LDO regulator in 5-lead SOT 23 package
BLDC/PMSM motor controller enables simple conversion of AC motor control designs
New haptic drivers provide faster haptic response to enhance the end-user experience
New SiC bipolar junction transistors offer lowest total power losses at high operation temperatures
New smart gate driver optocoupler provides designers with isolated gate driving and fault sensing benefits
LED backlight boost switches reduce power losses, minimize sub-harmonic oscillation in high-power LED applications
Fairchild Semiconductor signs a reseller agreement with RS Components
Reverse polarity switches protect mobile devices against damage from dangerous reverse bias and over-voltage transient events
Mid-voltage MOSFETs provide improved reliability in synchronous rectification applications
20-V single P-channel PowerTrench MOSFETs improve portable device battery charging and load switching
Green mode power switch device with integrated protection circuitry helps improve SMPS reliability
60-A multi-chip module family enables designers to meet stringent energy savings standards
Class-D amplifier device reduces distortion and prevents early phone software shutdown
High-switching frequency capability enables integrated device to use thinner inductors
High temperature optocoupler series provide reliable isolation and minimizes system failure
Single-chip PWM solution provides ultra-low standby power without adding external components
Web-based design and simulation tool creates flyback designs in minutes
Dual switch flyback solution provides alternative to LLC, single QR flyback topologies
Class-G headphone and Class-D speaker amplifiers balance audio power versus battery life
Fairchild claims to simplify LED Lighting supply chain complexity
Power stage dual asymmetric MOSFETs focus on need for high power density and ease of design
New mobile audio initiative deploys high performance mixed signal technology to boost audio performance while minimizing battery life
Power switch technology exceeds Energy Star requirements for consumer and home appliance applications
PSR/SSR mixed PWM controller delivers standby power under 10mW for portable device chargers
Synchronous rectification controller is compatible to flyback and forward topologies
Fairchild appoints Dan Kinzer as Chief Technology Officer
Industry-first bi-directional logic gate optocoupler provides reliable optical isolation
The Top 10 most popular analog and mixed-signal technical articles of 2010
PFC/PWM controller provides higher efficiency in dual-switch flyback topologies
Gate driver optocoupler provides lower power consumption, faster switching speeds
Audio jack detection and configuration switch enables detection of different audio accessories
Fairchild's Dual Cool package enables higher power density in DC-DC designs
Fairchild selects Magwel's Power Transistor Modeling tool to design and verify high current power devices  
High voltage gate driver ICs offer improved noise Immunity and performance
Configurable dual-voltage supply translator solves compatibility issues in I2C bus applications
N-Channel and Schottky diode combination delivers high conversion efficiency for smartphone backlighting
Power DC-DC micro-module provides high efficiency, faster time-to-market
Reset timer device enables one-button restart without battery removal
Fairchild focuses micro-USB solutions as key to differentiating mobile designs
Logic translator targets compatibility challenges in mixed voltage applications
Low ICCT gate solutions extend battery life for mobile devices
Over-Voltage Protection device with USB/charger-detection targets portable applications

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