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News about Power

Miniature power divider targets 18 GHz applications October 21, 2015Miniature power divider targets 18 GHz applications RFMW has announced design and sales support for the API Weinschel 1515-1 resistive power divider. Read more SMIC to report Tunnel-FET extension to CMOS October 8, 2015SMIC to report Tunnel-FET extension to CMOS Chinese foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. has manufactured complementary Tunnel FETs (C-TFETs) that operate at 0.4V using a CMOS baseline technology. Read more Dialog to acquire Atmel for $4.6 billion September 21, 2015Dialog to acquire Atmel for $4.6 billion Dialog Semiconductor plc is to buy Atmel Corp. in a $4.6 billion cash-and-stock deal in a move to try and capture a larger slice of the Internet of Things (IOT) market. Read more Intersil buys Great Wall Semiconductor September 10, 2015Intersil buys Great Wall Semiconductor Intersil Corp. (Milpitas, Calif.), a power management and analog IC company, has announced the acquisition of Great Wall Semiconductor Inc. (Tempe, Arizona), a specialist supplier of low-voltage power chips. Read more GaN for power to show extended market boom September 8, 2015 GaN for power to show extended market boom Specialist companies will benefit from a forthcoming boom in gallium nitride (GaN) for power semiconductors, but will find themselves under competitive or acquisitive pressure from larger players such as Infineon/International Rectifier, according to Yole Developpement. Read more
MediaTek pursues PMIC market with Richtek buy
How to increase your engineering value in just 20 minutes a day
Laser power detectors: to 100W in 200ms
Intel acquires power EDA startup
Low-energy MCU with touch sensing in chip-scale package
IoT wireless sensors and the problem of short battery life
Indian fab project hires former GloFo exec
Welsh chip foundry planned
Solar powered flight smashes long-distance records
X-Fab offers SOI process for analog, power
Indian wafer fab will be specialty foundry
Private equity makes moves on GaN startup
Ambiq director takes on interim CEO role
Could India's analog wafer fab be moving south?
Voice-over-Bluetooth Low Energy for wearable and remote-control applications
Using Wi-Fi to power IoT
Integrated fluxgate sensor provides closed-loop current sensing
ADCs offer 14-/12-bit resolution, 200 Msps conversion
Self-contained 3.8 mΩ/10-A switch
Ku-band block upconverter integrates GaN solid-state power amplifier
Infineon seeks buyer for Welsh wafer fab
Ikea turns on to wireless charging
Harvesting energy from electromagnetic waves
Harvester makes light work of powering IoT devices
7.0x7.5mm shielded power inductors take up to 59.2A
High power low-pass filters handle up to 2500 W
Power amplifier with integrated detector targets backhaul
Vampire power and the need to save energy little and often
Amantys and the spider
Is 2015 the year of wireless charging?
Digital power control firm closes doors
Semtech buys wireless charging startup
Doherty PA reference design for small cell applications
Book presents an analog wonderland
Ultra-low-power temperature sensors maintain accuracy
Microsemi/ST offer IoT for home-automation
Precision op amps are aimed at IoT
Automotive industry embraces 48V supply
CEO interview: Vicor powers after higher volume applications
Classic op-amp adds programmability
16-bit, 200 Msps ADCs claim lowest power levels
Glass transistor promises superior electronics
Maxim showcases chips and boards in micro-PLC
Fast ADCs cut power for 12- and 14-bit data capture
ADI’s efficient power drivers for 12-, 14- and 16-bit ADCs
A new breed of analog design tools
Thoughts on energy harvesting for wearable equipment
Silicon 60 Reveals Shifts in Technology Focus
DC power grid taps electronic circuit breaker research
Zero-drift op amps target precision sensing in wearable products
Arctic Sand appoints replacement CEO
CEO interview: Exar's 'reboot' almost done, says DiNardo
Dual carbon battery charges 20x faster than lithium-ion batteries
Insect-based EDA gets funded
GE metal process improves MEMS RF switches
CEO Interview: Doluca preps Maxim for IoT era
Fairchild faces $315 million charge for patent infringement
Profitable TI to cut 1,100 jobs
Give UPS equipment the acid test
Power over Ethernet for automotive use at no additional system cost
Magnetic 'lens' aids wireless power transfer
Smart activity tracker integrates ultra-low power MEMS accelerometer for longer battery life
SMD power inductors come with the highest reliability rating currently available
Advanced energy-harvesting IC broadens benefits of battery-free technology
LDMOS transistors span 700 to 2,700MHz band
Infineon extends dominance in the power semiconductor sector, says IHS
Fairchild Semiconductor reveals new 'No Obsolete' product and lifetime supply policies
X-Fab ready for global growth says CEO: Part 2
Analog foundry put up for sale
Texas Instruments releases the industry's most extensive reference design library
Power piezo-composite patch transducer uses d33 elongation effect
Atmel's sensor hub platform helps Sensirion to develop smarter devices for IoT and wearables
Altera's Stratix 10 SoCs to incorporate quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor
Single-chip 3x2.5mm wireless power receiver meets the WPC 1.1 “Qi” specification
ARM partners Nordic Semiconductor to develop Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices
Low-power reference designs simplify factory automation with end-to-end signal chain integration
Diagnostics chip integrates configurable automotive buses and power management functions
42-V, 4-A, synchronous step-down silent switcher keeps quiescent current load under 2.5-uA
1A load-switch comes in plastic package
High performance common-drain MOSFETs help battery pack designers simplify designs
Four-phase buck controller for VR12.5 CPUs claims industry's best dynamic transient response
TI offers combo current and voltage sensor
CAD tool offers end-to-end simulation environment for wireless power transfer systems
3-axis high-g accelerometer offers accurate impact, shock, and concussive detection benefits
Mouser offers TI designer tool to speed designs
Envelope tracking DC/DC converter for supports all 3G and 4G LTE bands
400-mA wireless power receiver simplifies contactless battery charging across air gaps of 1.2cm
Integrated voltage regulator delivers more than 97 percent efficiency while shrinking PCB size
18-Bit, 1-Msps, ±10.24-V true bipolar SAR ADC simplifies input signal conditioning
Altera starts to ship FPGA industry's highest performance SoCs
IAR Systems updates development tools for TI's ultra-low-power MSP430 core
Low-noise ultrasound transceiver saves 40 percent board space and uses 30 percent less power
Data concentrator evaluation module can manage more than 2,000 e-meters
Wide-input, 0.5-A linear regulator withstands temperatures up to 210 degrees C
Synchronously-rectified DC-DC step-down converter claims unmatched power efficiency benefits
Microcontroller evaluation tool incoporates integrated power measurement function
Robust control algorithm enables microcontroller to simplify digital power management control
Murata shrinks 1-W DC-DC converter footprint by 26 percent
PWM controller IC lowers cost of smartphone power supplies
PSS controller series helps lower cost of USB chargers for smartphones
PICs integrate analog signal chain with 16-bit converters
Super-bright laser diode delivers more power but uses less energy
Next-generation MSP430 USB LaunchPad enables developers to tap into the Internet of Things
16-bit MCUs reduce system power consumption and size for automotive control systems
WPC 1.1-compliant power controller simplifies development of Qi charging stations
CMOS handles 30W RF switching in high-power wireless systems
Non-contacting torque sensors aim at power steering applications
ON Semiconductor expands R&D Facilities in Limerick, Ireland
Low inductance decoupling capacitor arrays target high-reliability military/aerospace applications
TTP overcomes the Faraday Cage effect to power wireless sensor technology advances
-12-V, -20-V, and -30-V Gen III p-channel MOSFETs fit ultra-compact PowerPAK SC-70 package
20-VIN 1-A high power density LDO features 40-uVRMS noise with wider temperature range
Bluetooth Smart enables world's thinnest wireless touch surface
Fairchild Semiconductor kicks off power seminars program in Europe
Rohm adds 24 power supply ICs for AC/DC converters
Circuit simulation tool upgrade supports power and analog IC designers
Power circuits with MIPI RFFE maximize battery life in 2G, 3G, 4G LTE smartphones and tablets
Hall switches deliver power saving benefits
80-V, 98% Efficient, 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller IC with 4 Regulation Loops
Nano-power system timers slash power consumption up to 80 percent
Cree RF technology stars in Hollywood aerial action sequence
250-mA wide VIN range buck-boost charge pump offers low noise benefits
Efficient LED driver focuses backlighting applications
Automotive qualified high-speed, low-side driver family boosts efficiency, simplifies design
Integrated power solution combines quad buck regulators and 200 mA LDO
World's first programmable USB port power controllers support 12-W charging
LIN slave companion IC is first to support automotive ISO26262 requirements
Integrated voltage regulator delivers 97.5 percent efficiency fits in an ultra-compact package
Nanopower buck-boost DC/DC features energy harvesting battery life extender
Wireless charging coil modules meet Qi global standard
Power block devices deliver power density benefits for DC-DC synchronous buck applications
Ametherm forges global distribution partnership with Mouser Electronics
Dual output boost regulator offers extended battery life benefits
Single-chip DockPort solution enables DisplayPort, USB and power over a single cable
PMICs offer solutions for i.MX6, ARM Cortex and advanced portable application processors
TTI signs pan-European franchise deal with Ericsson Power Modules
SuVolta's transistor technology speed-power benefits are validated in ARM processor
DSLR camera remote can be controlled from any Bluetooth v4.0 smartphone using Nordic SoC
Industry's smallest PFC boost IC fits in a 5-pin SOT-23 package
Compact 7-W constant-current LED driver offers cost saving benefits
Multi-mode power management unit extends battery life in MCU-based systems
Lattice Semiconductor signs a global distribution deal with Future Electronics
Premier Farnell signs global distribution deal with Advanced Power Electronics
Power dividers with 40 dB plus isolation
High isolation Dc-Dc converters with ultra-wide operating temperature range targets demanding applications
Rad-hard ultra low LDO sets performance standard for aerospace and satellite power designs
Nujira extends foundry partnership with TowerJazz for Envelope Tracking IC for 4G smartphones
Future Electronics extends distribution deal with STMicroelectronics to cover most of Europe
Dialog Semiconductor acquires iWatt
UK's EPSRC opens National Centre for Power Electronics
Smart-meter SoC supports Meters-and-More open communication standard
Premier Farnell expands global partnership deal with Emerson Network Power
Power analyzers optimize new electric motor designs for electric vehicles
Microsemi signs global distribution agreement with Future Electronics
Universal power cell offers motor load control benefits
96 percent efficient 1-MHz buck converter demonstration board features eGaN FETs
Family of nine op amps provide low quiescent current to extend battery life
RF front-end amplifiers and filters for small cell transceivers
EDA tool optimises cell libraries for processor cores in SoCs
Smallest low quiescent current timer family features flexible time selection
Fairchild Semiconductor offers innovative BLDC motor control reference design
Nujira start of volume production ramp of Envelope Tracking modulator for mobile handsets
Altera claims breakthrough levels of power efficiencies with Generation 10 FPGAs and SoCs
Diode bridge controller minimizes rectifier heat and voltage loss
New battery fuel gauge and charger chipsets squeeze more life out of Li-Ion batteries
RF power transistors dedicated to 2.45-GHz ISM band aim to spark innovation
Smallest thin-film 10-W 3-dB directional couplers focus on wireless communications
Space-saving sub-GHz LTCC filter supports TI CC112x transceiver series
LDMOS RF power transistor targets rugged engineering environments
45-V 500-mA LDO offers 25-uVRMS noise, programmable current limit
20 to 1000 MHz, 1 kW PA highlights unrivaled size and power advantages
650V ultrafast diodes reduce switching losses
Broadband RF gain blocks for high dynamic-range systems
NXP looks to transform TD-LTE networks with LDMOS RF power transistor expansion
Nujira surpasses own world record for ET PA linearity
PCIe clock generators offer the smallest footprint and lowest power
60-V integrated power modules extends power capability of low load-impedance Class D audio systems
650-V n-channel power MOSFET series adds 23 new high power density devices
EPC offers GaN power library online
Industry's first ultra-wideband Doherty amplifiers support broadband operation
PIN power diodes combine low recovery losses and softness for efficiency and low EMI
Miniature Rogowski coils enable accurate non-contact current measurement
Ultra-low noise, high PSRR linear voltage regulators reduce jitter, simplify power design
Altera acquires power technology innovator Enpirion
DC-DC converter module supports space saving industrial and aerospace applications
TO-leadless package targets high current applications up to 300-A
ETSI publishes first specification for Ultra Low Energy DECT aimed at the M2M market
Advanced microcontroller combines floating point and low leakage technology
100-mA synchronous buck converter delivers 150-V input capability with 12-uA quiescent current
CMOS-based isolated gate drivers provide drop-in replacements for opto-drivers in industrial power systems
Ultra low-power sub-GHz radio supports extended temperature and frequency range
Infineon introduces TO 247-4 pin package for CoolMOS MOSFETs to improve efficiencies in hard switching topologies
Mouser signs global distribution deal with ADI
Automotive 3-phase power module enables higher torque systems for lower fuel consumption
Superjunction MOSFET innovation brings the world's lowest RDS(on) to hard switching applications
6-axis MEMS SoC integrates gyroscope and accelerometer in a 3x3x0.8mm chip
Servo motor controller supports fluctuation-free motor speed range from 0 to 150,000 rpm
Quadrature demodulator with PLL/VCO features RF building block to optimize power consumption
Apple's pull effect on MEMS raises suppliers’ profile and revenues, notes IHS
Silica starts roll out of design support strategy focused on power applications
Low noise, 1-mV output ripple, 5-A step-down uModule regulator supports data converters and high speed transceivers
IPx8 waterproof 11x15x2mm speaker delivers 94dB of maximum sound pressure
Isolated 8-port PoE PSE controllers eliminate expensive opto-couplers
Integrated low-side gate driver incorporates 3.3-V LDO regulator in 5-lead SOT 23 package
OPV solar modules project aims to optimize energy harvesting by autonomous sensors within buildings
150-V N-channel power MOSFET offers on-resistance down to 18-mohms for DC/DC applications
USB video card delivers feature-rich H.264 compression
Step-down switching regulators features built-in power MOSFET to improve smart power management
32-bit microcontrollers deliver ultra low power and USB connectivity benefits
TI unveils new Tiva C Series ARM Cortex-M4 MCUs for connected applications
Texas Instruments aims to develop a better way to the cloud with HP Project Moonshot
17-V, 2.25-MHz, synchronous step-down regulator delivers 1-A of continuous output current to outputs as low as 0.6-V
18-V boost regulator supports wide range of display sizes in mobile end products
Programmable hall switch extends flexibility of detection circuit designs
New generation of ZigBee transceivers offer Deep Packet Inspection and Wake-on-LAN capabilities
RMS power detector claims unparalleled frequency performance and flexibility
Farnell element14 becomes an authorised reseller of Micrel
High-speed photocouplers deliver 5-Mbps operation, 5-kV isolation at up to 125 degrees C
New additions to power IC family offer compact, energy-efficient mobile charging benefits
Industry's first reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution detects electrical arc faults to avert fires
Mouser becomes authorized global distributor of Micrel’s high-performance IC solutions
250-mA wide VIN range buck-boost charge pump offers low conducted and radiated noise
Enhanced power supply design software supports LED lighting applications
New 'responsive' EDN-Europe website accessible across all platforms
Digital communication abilities of power interface modules help to simplify energy monitoring
STMicroelectronics makes MEMS technology available for prototyping through CMP
Renesas Electronics Europe appoints PT Electronics to drive sales in Russia
Contactless connectivity platform targets applications that contain moving parts
Development board provides eGaN driver to speed designs of high frequency switching power conversion systems
Superjunction MOSFETs offer reduced gate charge while increasing energy efficiency in power supplies for LCD TVs
Coaxial power sensor measures power in the frequency range from DC to 110 GHz
Smart bypass diode claims industry's lowest power dissipation performance
High accuracy battery fuel gauge maximizes battery capacity and boosts user confidence
NXP unveils world's first low VCEsat double transistors in 2-mm x 2-mm leadless package
Optocouplers offer high current transfer ratio from 40 to 600 percent at low input currents of 1-mA
element14 offers new Freescale Freedom development hardware for the Kinetis family
Industry’s first 48-V constant on-time synchronous step-down converter targets automotive and industrial applications
Japanese researchers develop low-power amplifiers for high-spatial-resolution biomedical and environment monitoring system
ROHM develops PMIC to support Intel's 'Bay Trail'Atom-based platform
Motion sensor hub optimizes and operates multiple motion sensors
Nordic Semiconductor adds Distrelec ELFA Group to its European distribution network
RFMD unveils suite of products for entry smartphone segment
Compact, 1.8-V digital humidity sensor offers low power benefits
Isolated error amplifiers outperform optocouplers and shunt regulators in power supply applications
Low power, high efficiency DC-DC converter is optimized for low load efficiency
Low power contactless smart card is ISO/IEC14443A and ISO/IEC15693 compliant
Atmel launches ultra-low power transceiver to support phase-difference technology complementing IEEE 802.15.4 standards
Microchip claims world's first to use human body as a Framework to provide a secure, low-power communication channel
Renesas Electronics Europe unveils next-generation low-power microcontroller series
Coaxial resonator oscillator offers lower phase noise and lower harmonics performance
Enhanced online thermal simulation tool enables users to define more real-world conditions while improving user-friendliness
STMicroelectronics 28-nm FD-SOI technology achieves 3-GHz operating speed
Wolfson and Sensory demonstrate world's lowest-power speech recognition solution for mobile devices
Maxim Integrated partners Freescale to showcase a comprehensive outdoor LTE/3G picocell base station
Energy saving drives can be tailored to OEM requirements
Analog Front End improves reliability of Power Line Communication for smart grids
Nujira claims breakthrough LTE performance for CMOS PAs
Low-power microcontroller series features up to 1-MB of on-chip flash
Linearization technique achieves -50-dBc ACPR and 60 percent efficiency for LTE signal at 29-dBm
Microcontroller series expands with large embedded RAM to target network, industrial and smart metering applications
Energy Micro partners Mjolner Informatics to create high-end touch graphics solution for energy efficient MCU applications
Market for supercapacitors to grow 30% year on year and reach $11 billion within ten years
IGBT/MOSFET gate drive coupler saves power while reducing mounting area by 50 percent
VID interface controller provides adjustable start-up current for core-voltage regulators
Thin film chip resistors claim industry’s lowest ohmic values for devices in a 0406 package
Miniature DC/DC converters increase power rating, insulation and isolation performance
Inverting, boost or buck-boost micromodule converter delivers up to 700-mA with four small passive components
Power conversion development board demonstrates ease of designing power systems with 200-V eGaN FETs
Power management front-end chip boosts battery run-time in ARM Cortex A15-based designs
Taking a new direction with analog
GreenPeak opens new European office in France
Low quiescent current linear and switching regulators help reduce current consumption during stand-by
Ultra-miniature LDO series delivers advanced drop-out and noise performance
Fully differential IF 15-dB RF/IF amplifier achieves 50-dBm OIP3
World's first analog-based power management controller with integrated MCU delivers flexible, efficient power conversion
Low on-state resistance power MOSFETs offer more power efficient ORing applications
USB thermocouple power sensors plug directly into PCs
True fail open tantalum capacitor offers reliability benefits for filtering applications
Power efficient switching regulator family of non-isolated step-down converters delivers value for money
Energy Micro’s low power MCU extends battery life in touch screen remote control
Next generation power MOSFETs offers hot-swap application benefits
ams sensors enables 42-inch flat panel TV to consume less electricity than a 60-watt light bulb
Audio codec enhances smartphone sound quality
Micropower fuel gauge reduces quiescent current by 4x and size by 3x
Riscure is named an accredited evaluation lab for DPA testing program
LDOs enable power management solutions to be customized
Reference design eliminates early death of LED drivers
Low power bidirectional I2C isolators extend industrial isolation lifetime
Power amplifier offers optimum system performance for next-generation Wi-Fi applications
Akros Silicon supports PoE 60-W deployments following interoperability collaboration with Broadcom
ST to restructure into two divisions
Triple-supply controller simplifies power system design, protects against reversed inputs
Microcontrollers feature independent 1.8-V IO supply rail to extend battery life
Intersil selects Future Electronics to be global distributor
L2Tek deal with Valens brings reduction in HD video transmission costs to the UK market
Powervation closes funding round, adds Semtech as strategic investor
Enpirion agrees global distribution deal with Digi-Key
24-bit sigma-delta A/D converter achieves twice the speed of competing converters and claims industry’s best noise performance
60-V, LED controller features internal PWM generator for boost, buck or buck-boost high current LED applications
Non-contact power steering torque sensor delivers fuel savings
Enpirion partners with Future Electronics to offer the world’s lowest-cost Power-System-on-Chip DC-DC converters
24-bit, 3-channel ECG analog front end cuts power consumption by 85 percent compared with alternative integrated solutions
Power MOSFET family for industrial applications delivers ultra-low on-state resistance benefits
Hall effect switches help optimize sensitivities
New PSS controller targets lower cost USB chargers for new generation smartphones
Low-power industrial Ethernet communication chips features integrated real-time OS offload engine
20-V p-channel MOSFET in 3.3-mm square package offers industry-low on-resistance of 4.8-mΩ at a 4.5-V gate drive
New power metal strip battery shunt resistor with molded enclosure delivers 36-W power capability
Bluetooth silicon IP draws less than half the power of today's standard solutions
NXP unveils new wireless microcontroller family for the Internet of Things
Linear Technology reveals eight-channel configurable 1-A buck DC/DCs for multi-rail systems
New SiC bipolar junction transistors offer lowest total power losses at high operation temperatures
Atmel introduces industry's lowest power wireless MCU for 2.4-GHz ISM band applications
Higher-density buck regulators offers I2C telemetry and programmability benefits
Two new single-channel power MOSFETs drive power efficiency and protection in portable and consumer electronics
New adapter power controller claims lowest standby power capability
Premier Farnell completes global franchise deal with Lattice Semiconductor
60-V input step-down DC/DC controller draws 40-uA in battery-powered systems
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Fremont Micro Devices USA
14.2-A output current PMIC supports ARM quad-core application processors
Rail-to-rail 80-V power monitor measures current and voltage with greater accuracy
Dual hot swap controller with flexible current limit manages load surges without system interruption
New integrated DC-DC converter targets graphic and core processor applications in portable electronics
Intersil claims lowest power, dual port, Class G line driver
NXP IQ modulators feature highest dynamic range with DC-independent DAC interfacing
28-V, 500-mA step-down converter provides highest efficiency at light loads
60-V, synchronous buck LED driver delivers more than 300 W of LED power
Seven flexible parametric curve tracer solutions offer power device characterization benefits
New field stop trench technology IGBT devices expand current ratings and deliver high speed switching capabilities
FPGA-based kit combines programmability with ease of use to enhance interface protoyping
600 V N-channel power MOSFET series adds 17 new devices offering on-resistance down to 39-mohms
2.5-A, 15-V synchronous boost regulator offers 95 percent efficiency
3rd generation reverse conducting IGBT portfolio claims industry’s best-in-class efficiency and highest reliability
38-V, 10-A rugged step-down uModule regulator features fail safe load protection
Wireless sensor network solutions achieve industry's lowest power consumption at less than 50-uA per node
Laser driver with auto-calibration mode and SFP controller simplifies optical module manufacturing
Intelligent power switch is optimized for automotive PTC electric heaters
New smart gate driver optocoupler provides designers with isolated gate driving and fault sensing benefits
Nujira samples low noise second-generation Envelope Tracking chip for smartphones
Family of 600-V Trench ultrafast IGBTs offer improved performance for appliance motor drives
New off-line switcher IC family offers line-compensated overload protection and light-load efficiency benefits
Integrated, green-mode controllers lower operating costs, reduce board space in high-power PoE powered device applications
Smart-meter SoC combines metrology, security and communication capabilities
TT electronics opens new production centre in Romania
ON Semiconductor joins imec's GaN-on-Si research program
World's smallest humidity and temperature sensor aims to set new standards
Robust ORing controllers provide power redundancy and protection with minimal power dissipation
New MOSFETs offer industry-low on-resistance in 2 x 2-mm and 3 x 1.8-mm footprint areas at 4.5-V
New dual-core microcontrollers promise higher performance, increased memory and more I/Os in a smaller package
Cissoid signs a global distribution deal with Future Electronics
Four new 2-A high voltage half-bridge MOSFET drivers offer best-in-class performance
Configurable 8-channel LED driver family supports monitors and industrial LCD panel backlighting
New power management ICs offer multi-channel operation and low quiescent current in portable applications
CamSemi unveils 'constant power' PSS flyback controller for low cost networking adapters
Diodes Incorporated agrees to acquire Power Analog Microelectronics
Ultra-low power microcontrollers with on-chip 40-nm flash memory target automotive body applications
Small 2.5-A power module offers 65-V transient protection
24-V power amplifier offers state-of-the-art audio performance to truck cabs and buses
Digital Class D speaker amplifiers aim to simplify design and provide unmatched audio performance
Buck-boost converter cuts power in half for 3G, 4G LTE power amplifiers
CISSOID selects APC as specialized distributor in UK and Ireland
TI develops the first wide-input voltage, high-power LED driver with multiple dimming control modes
Quartet of European research centers launch Smart Integrated Solutions initiative
Digital signal controller family offers advanced signal processing capabilities and a wide range of connectivity options
New functional safety design packages accelerate safety-critical design development and certification
50-Ohm IF gain block consumes 450-mW yet provides 47-dBm OIP3, 15.5-dB gain
Low power system design optimizations with SAR A/D Converters
New rad-hard precision quad op amp claims best in class performance and radiation hardness
Fairchild Semiconductor signs a reseller agreement with RS Components
New Liqualloy-based power inductor offers industry-leading high efficiency performance
New low-profile, high-current inductors support extended temperature ranges to +155 degrees C
Miyoshi selects Welsh open loop active harmonic load pull solution
Compact linear LED driver supports low-current lighting systems
Server power management and protection IC delivers accurate power monitoring for Intel Node Manager capable server platforms
NXP's new high-performance, low-power switch supports Thunderbolt technology interface
CamSemi develops low cost solution for offline applications above 8-W
Dual 13-A or single 26-A DC/DC micromodule step-down regulator with integrated heat sink delivers up to 100-A
Nujira raises $12 million to support rollout of Coolteq.L IC technology and start volume production
New Schottky barrier diodes and dual N-Channel MOSFETs claims industry’s highest performance in a 2-mm package
IDT signs global distribution partnership deal with Mouser
CISSOID signs distribution deal with SETRON for Central and Northern Europe
High-performance compact GPS module consumes 22-mA current in tracking operation
Microsemi unveils GaN on SiC-based RF transistor for secondary surveillance radar aviation applications
Industry's first molded chip scale package offers power benefits for space-constrained portable devices
New 600-V IGBTs deliver higher power density and increased efficiency for motor drive applications
New Li-Ion battery charger targets next generation power efficiency demands
Powerstax appoints CompuMess Elektronik as new distributor for Central Europe
Lattice reveals promotional pricing for iCEblink40 evaluation kits
High efficiency PoE++ PD controller offers up to 90-W delivered power
Advanced die packaging technology reduces radio module footprint by 75 percent to enable miniaturized implantable medical devices
Apex reemerges as analog chip company
New line of polymer COTS capacitors enables designers to customize capacitance solutions for power management
German researchers discover how superconductivity can be tapped to improve power transmission
Mid-voltage MOSFETs provide improved reliability in synchronous rectification applications
Ultra-low IR Schottky barrier diodes reduces power consumption in automotive and power supply devices by 40 percent
GreenPeak rolls out new radio chips to support the Smart Home evolution
20-V single P-channel PowerTrench MOSFETs improve portable device battery charging and load switching
Avnet Memec extends relationship with Coilcraft to support Spain and Portugal
800-V primary-side switcher offers accurate AC/DC power control
Smallest single-lead heart-rate monitor analog front end offers industry's lowest power performance
60-V battery charging controller and power manager features input maximum power point control
Intel adds power amplifiers to 3G RF chip
Low VIN capable 5-A DC/DC converter generates positive or negative regulated voltage
New low voltage LDOs deliver industry's lowest dropout voltages
Surge stopper integrates ideal diode for comprehensive protection against transient voltages
News analog front ends offer the industry's lowest-power, highest-precision smart e-metering solution
LDO regulators claim the industry's lowest dark current performance
42-V, 2.5-A (IOUT) and 5-A (IOUT), 2-MHz step-down DC/DC converters only require 2.7uA of quiescent current
New buck regulators offer maximum power density and flexibility for high efficiency point of load DC-DC regulation
Mouser signs global distribution agreement with Intersil
Ultra-small 600-mA boost power module extends battery life for smartphones and tablets
Renesas looks to automotive and smart society to drive recovery
36-V, 1-A step-down synchronous regulator simplifies intermediate power bus and point-of-load power designs
Innovative mobile audio solution delivers more than five times the power to micro speakers
Next-generation wireless mouse applies 2.4-GHz radio-on-a-chip to enable three-year battery life performance
New software release unleashes design tools for low cost, low power LatticeECP4 FPGA family
100-V linear LED driver aims to de-clutter low-power lighting designs
Wireless environmental sensor evaluation kit offers energy harvesting benefits
Miniature overvoltage clamp protects PMICs in portable applications
LNB power management and control IC improves set-top box efficiency
New PSoC power monitoring and fan control solutions aim to simplify system design
Class-D audio amplifiers enable high quality audio performance at low power consumption
Ultra-precision current sensing resistor series adds 5 Watt rated part
Power Line Carrier modem SoC targets smart metering and building automation applications
Green mode power switch device with integrated protection circuitry helps improve SMPS reliability
Qualcomm acquires Summit Microelectronics to broaden power management solutions
Dongbu HiTek's analog CMOS process shrinks Enpirion's DC-DC converter chip footprint by 40 percent
Diode controller replaces two Schottky diodes to enable low loss ORing of multiple power sources
Nujira aims to push the envelope with advanced software tool for PA characterization and visualization
World's first 2-mm x 2-mm MOSFETs with tin-plated solderable side pads
Surface mount DC-DC LED driver delivers output up to 700-mA
Low-power USB-to-UART bridge controller targets printers, USB-UART cables and industrial applications
A high-temperature, high-speed, rail-to-rail comparator fits in TDFP package
Energy Micro launches free sample program for EFM32 Gecko microcontrollers
Driver IC supports low-cost LED lamps up to 10-W
First samples of low cost, low power LatticeECP4 FPGAs start shipping
Power converter conserves energy in smart meter and sensor designs
Novel current-sharing, diode-OR controller simplifies design of reliable power systems
World's lowest voltage Bluetooth low energy controller is unveiled
Diode controller provides negative input protection and low current operation
Low power digital wideband VGAs offer high linearity and flexible current settings
Low-power 32-bit MCU series offers scalable lineup for portable consumer and industrial devices
Industry first ultra-low-power code analyzer flags inefficient code and helps to optimize MSP430 microcontroller design efficiency
Nufront's third-generation mobile applications processor integrates Cadence DDR3/3L/LPDDR2 memory interface IP solution
German researchers develop quick and easy way to measure power consumption
SemiSouth begins sampling 650-V 55-mOhm SiC JFETs
Micro radio delivers scalable output power performance for small and macro cell active antennas
Report: Envelope tracking, MMPAs, CMOS PAs, antenna tuning, and MIMO to change handset RF design
Broadband RF mixer achieves 26.9-dBm IIP3 with 294-mW power consumption
New development platform enables energy harvesting designs to be evaluated
Murata selects Black Sand CMOS PAs for 3G front ends
Fully differential amplifier drives 18-bit ADCs while consuming 5-mW
System and power management design tools manage up to 64 power rails and support PMBus
RF Micro Devices unveils rGaN-HV process technology
Analog Devices appoints Anglia to help grow sales in UK and Ireland
New point-of-load DC-DC buck regulators target high-reliability space systems
Integrated switching buck regulators offer industry leading conversion ratios
Low-power, high-speed industrial ethernet controllers support for multiple protocols including CC-Link IE, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP
Low-power, high-accuracy temperature sensor for solid state disk drives
15-V 800-mA step down synchronous regulators deliver improve power efficiency and density for portable electronics
Compact high-speed, single-channel gate drivers focus on high-density switching power designs
2.4-GHz low-power RF transceiver claims lowest power consumption for industrial applications
Power thick film resistor offers power rating of 1100-W in compact footprint
Low-loss, ultra miniature power MOSFETs deliver improved power efficiency with a smaller form factor in portable devices
Dual power booster triples speed performance for semiconductor and flat-panel display test equipment
Class-D amplifier device reduces distortion and prevents early phone software shutdown
Low-profile SMD avalanche rectifier features reverse voltage of 1,300-V and 75-ns reverse recovery time
NXP claims industry's most efficient low-VF schottky rectifier for mobile devices
New MOSFETs in DFN 2x2 package offer space savings with high performance
Integrated power controller offers stability benefits for automotive applications
New step-down supply reduces switching noise by 99 percent
Energy Micro MCU minimizes power consumption in e-paper display solution
2.25-MHz step-down DC/DC converter delivers 3-A of continuous output current from each channel
Dialog Semiconductor works with TSMC to create a process platform to advance BCD power management leadership
GainSpan selects IAR Embedded Workbench as primary development tool chain for MCU Drivers
Isolated flyback controller with PFC controls voltage or current
New MCU family delivers cost-effective digital control to reduce energy footprint
Multi-channel AFE energy measurement chip offers improve flexibility for broad range of monitoring applications
ON Semiconductor introduces high efficiency wireless charging ICs
IDT reveals world's most advanced single-phase power metering SoC for smart grid applications
High-switching frequency capability enables integrated device to use thinner inductors
TI claims industry's first dual mode off-line controller for non-dimmable LED lighting
Mono audio amplifier IC for Hi-Fi speakers gives 13W burst output and 10x efficiency gains
LED lighting set to drive power semiconductor market to reach $3bn in 2016
36-V, 5-A uModule regulator protects input supplies from overcurrent conditions
World's first true single-chip wireless power transmitter provides highest-output-power single-chip receiver solution
Isolated flyback controller with PFC controls voltage or current
Micropower pushbutton on/off controller delivers automatic turn-on/off capabilities
High-voltage, high-current overvoltage protectors focus on mobile applications with multiple power sources
High-speed, low-power shift registers enable cascaded connections without external components
Dialog Semiconductor pioneers the world's first integration of 32-bit ARM processor in a mixed signal PMIC
Merus Audio raises EUR 1.7m to develop ultra-efficient and compact audio amplifiers
Digital audio development board enables designers to experiment with a choice of audio file formats and DACs
RFMD PowerSmart power platform family expanded with 3G and 4G LTE variants
New RF DC/DC switching converters for 2G, 3G and 4G power amplifiers help extend battery life in LTE smartphones
TI's new Wolverine microcontroller platform slashes power by 50 percent
TI claims fastest 16-bit DAC at 1.5 GSPS
RF-based wireless chipset and RF energy harvesting reference design enable low-cost wireless power over distance
Online tool simplifies selection of LED driver reference designs
Quad digital power supply manager features powerful GUI to speed development
Toshiba unveils world's first CMOS power amplifier IC to remove distortion
Energy-efficient dimmable driver IC is world’s first to integrate PFC and boost functionality
Handset RF power amplifier characterisation system optimizes Envelope Tracking PAs for mobile devices
NXP releases world's first dual supply voltage ARM Cortex-M0 microcontrollers
30-V p-channel chipscale MOSFETs claim industry's lowest on-resistance for 30-V in 1.6-mm by 1.6-mm size
Synchronous step-down controller provides true current mode control with sub milliohm DCR sensing
New AOS' medium voltage MOSFET enables higher efficiency solutions
NXP GreenChip Power ICs offer low-load efficiency and no-load standby power benefits
Power MOSFETs in LFPAK enable slimmer AC/DC adapter designs
Industry's first PFC and LLC resonant combo converter enables EuP Lot 6 compliance
Cree releases SPICE Model to quantify benefits of SiC power MOSFETs
New demo board showcases SiC JFETs in cascode half-bridge configuration
60-V – 120-V family of ultra-efficient, high-speed, low voltage MOSFETs focus on synchronous rectification improvements
Synchronous regulator reduces board space and enables highly efficient power management
New SoC offers measurement and diagnostics benefits for high-power monitoring in industrial applications and data centers
Next-generation digital power controller provides highest flexibility and performance for AC/DC and isolated DC/DC power designs
High density hot swap front-ends deliver up to 650-W
0.37-mm ultra-flat package Schottky rectifiers handle currents up to 1.5-A
Mouser Electronics signs global distribution deal with Monolithic Power Systems
Vicor unveils online IBC power simulation tool
USB 3.0 compatible high speed hub IP core with analog and digital PHY options
Automotive-qualified gate drive IC helps shrink power train design in hybrid and electric vehicles
Intersil unveils single and dual channel 14-bit ADCs as industry's fastest with JESD204B serial outputs
Dual 3-A, 2.5-MHz, 42-V boost/inverting DC/DC converter features integrated fault protection
ANSI accreditation will support development of a smart grid testing and certification framework
Lattice extends FPGA family's power efficiency, package size and performance
Mouser now stocking Qi (“chee”) solutions for wireless charging
Battery-monitor IC combines high accuracy with low power in smallest-in-class package
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Vicor
Cypress launches single-chip TrueTouch controller based on Gen4 technology for tablets, ultrabooks and laptops
Ultra-low power MCU with integrated LCD cuts system cost of consumer medical devices
SiGe technology platform for 4G RF front-end modules
Best-in-class power MOSFET claims industry lowest on-resistance in an ultra-thin DFN 3.3x3.3 package
Microchip expands PIC range with lowest active current and new low-power sleep modes
World's first dual-core gyroscope handles smart user interface and image stabilization in phones and tablets
Digi-Key expands distribution relationship with Microsemi
Ultra-low phase noise clock oscillator provides high-performance frequency control for HD audio equipment
Treehouse Labs and NXP unveil low-power wireless chip technology platform to slash wireless sensor network costs
Linear Technology extends wireless sensor networking capabilities by acquiring Dust Networks
Digital power solution offers system-level benefits compared with hybrid digital and analog alternatives
Efficient boost converter drives multiple high brightness LEDs in low-voltage lighting applications
IDT introduces low-power, low-distortion RF to IF mixers
New Trench-based low forward voltage Schottky rectifiers deliver switching efficiency benefits
TI introduces industry's smallest power management ICs for solid state drives
Lattice Diamond design software accelerates FPGA design optimization for low power applications
Lattice releases new version of mixed signal design software
Texas Instruments unveils industry's most accurate amplifier for high common-mode-voltage applications
Lattice Semiconductor plans to acquire SiliconBlue Technologies
Stand-alone 14-bit sample-and-hold amplifier acquires in 35-ns to 0.003 percent accuracy
PandaBoard ES equips open source mobile developers with TI's OMAP4460 processor
Fujitsu Semiconductor adopts Apache Design's Totem software for power noise and reliability analysis
SEGGER Microcontroller embedded software begins supporting Energy Micro's Cortex-M3 Gecko microcontrollers
Isolated power factor corrected offline regulator requires no opto-isolator
Touchstone Semiconductor launches tightest offset, low-power current-sense amplifiers
New low-power MCUs feature RC ADCs for accurate temperature measurement
AEC-Q100 certified ultra-low-power automotive MCUs improve fuel efficiency and battery life
SimPowerSystems supports model sharing with other Simscape users
16-channel audio D/A converter provides high-performance audio at lower power
15-V, 300-mA synchronous buck converters consumes 1.8-uA of quiescent current
PMIC simplifies power design and system voltage management for TI’s 32-bit microcontrollers
Silicon temp sensor ensures high accuracy and resolution across a wide temperature range in small packages
Industry's first medium power transistors are offered in 2x2-mm leadless DFN package
14-bit, 8-channel ADC offers best noise performance and lowest power at 80 MSPS for medical imaging applications
Ultra-low-noise LDOs optimizes load performance in communications, medical and industrial systems
PFC control IC reduces noise sensitivity for cost sensitive electronic ballast and SMPS applications
Energy Micro appoints Hakuto in Japan
Three phase filter targets wind generation renewable energy applications
NXP launches first NFC-ready, universal contactless reader IC for multiple ID applications
INSIDE Secure partners IDT to offer easy-to-design low-power USB security token solution
25-V and 30-V devices simplify designs highly efficient DC/DC converters
NXP claims breakthrough Class-AB and Class-D audio amplifiers for start-stop systems
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor claims best-in-class power MOSFETs for portable applications
LED lighting chipset helps designers optimize solutions for a wide range of LED applications
Amantys develops new intelligent power switch that delivers improved reliability and performance for medium and high voltage applications
Industry's smallest intelligent battery sensor IC offers ADC resolution and lowest sleep mode current
RTL Power Model enables predictable power budgeting and faster time to market for leading IC applications
Low-power, high-accuracy instrumentation amplifier provides on-chip calibration
Single-chip PWM solution provides ultra-low standby power without adding external components
18-bit, 1.6-Msps, pseudo-differential serial SAR ADC achieves 96.5-dB SNR performance, consumes 18-mW of power
Web-based design and simulation tool creates flyback designs in minutes
New HD audio PC solution offers 5x better audio quality
Lattice partners Valens Semiconductor to create reference design for the surveillance camera market
Ultra-low-power CMOS oscillators claim a breakthrough in frequency accuracy
Active Noise Cancelling ICs offer improved hearing in both Bluetooth and wired mono headsets
Semtech expands multi-touch support for 4D-Touch platform to enhance the user experience
EnSilica's new eSi-RISC development suite offers enhanced compiler performance and ultra low-power applications support
Power supply design impregnated into textiles
MEMS microphone smoothes the way to natural voice control in smart consumer devices
Low-cost audio processor eliminates need to write or license audio algorithms
Nordic Semiconductor adds Mouser to its global distributor list
TI unveils industry's first 14-rail PMIC for infotainment and cluster applications
New TSMC reference kit features Cadence Library Characterization scripts
Lattice releases ultra-low power IspLEVER Classic design tool suite
Low power rad-hard dual precision op amp delivers low noise benefits
3D handheld display integrates autostereoscopic technology
RF Micro Devices creates new Compound Semiconductor Group
Source/sink step-down regulator offers adjustable current limit benefits
Ultra-high speed 12-bit DAC supports high reliability military and aerospace applications
Configurable PMIC family target Li-Ion battery based mobile applications
Offline LED driver dims retrofit lamps to zero light intensity without flicker
Infineon produce first silicon using 300-mm thin wafer technology for power semiconductors
Optical signal processing device satisfies power-hungry, high-speed networks
austriamicrosystems extends high-voltage CMOS technology towards power grid applications
SmartPulseT IP gateway reference design supports wireless sensor networks
Freescale has sub-1GHz ultra-low-power smart radio
ESA selects GreenPeak's radio communication controller chip for aerospace applications
Flexible new PMBus voltage regulators allow designers to do more with digital power
Analog Devices claims industry's fastest, low noise, low power, rail-to-rail amplifiers
New buck regulators feature high efficiency and a thermally enhanced package
Inphi starts sampling 100-Gigabit Ethernet CMOS PHY solutions to de-risk the development of next generation line cards
Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4F microcontrollers deliver analog integration, best-in-class low power and floating-point performance
Armadeus Systems selects Wolfson power management solution
Silicon Line unveils the world's first MIPI M-PHY optical media converter ICs for mobile phones
Intersil expands DC/DC Controller portfolio with solutions for embedded and low power CPU/GPU cores
Cypress launches low-power 2.4-GHz WirelessUSB NL transceiver for wireless applications
Inphi unveils industry's first 100-Gigabit Ethernet CMOS PHY solutions for next generation line cards
Low-profile, high-current inductor is packed in 3232 case size
30-A, 15-V synchronous buck converter delivers 90-percent efficiency
100-V isolated monolithic flyback regulator focuses on high reliability applications
Energy metering IC provides high accuracy harmonic analysis for power quality monitoring
New ultra-low-power, 32- to 64-pin Kinetis microcontrollers focus on cost-sensitive applications
Lattice launches power management seminars, lowers price of evaluation boards
New low-power op amps combine power and performance benefits for low-voltage, cost-sensitive applications
Low power RF technology enables intelligent hand hygiene system to prevent hospital infections
World’s highest performance Gen 3 PCI Express Switch targets SSD storage arrays and cloud computing applications
DC/DC converters deliver highly integrated solutions for consumer applications
Intersil claims world's first high speed, dual channel 6-A MOSFET driver
New WLCSP packaged PLD offers benefits for low density PLD designs
Vishay 4-Terminal, 1 W SMT Metal Strip resistor in space-saving package
4-terminal, 1-W power metal strip resistor in 0612 package size offers low resistance benefits
2400 to 2500-MHz hermetically sealed TO-8 VCO offers high-performance frequency control
Diodes introduces enhanced USB protection for PCs, peripherals and consumer equipment
Lowest-power OMAP-L1x DSP + ARM processor combines cost-sensitive benefits with real-time processing
Power management IC provides efficient solution for Intel Atom processor E6XX-based designs
DATEL business unit appoints Astute Electronics as a distribution partner for UK and Ireland
New gyroscope offers superior sensor resolution coupled with audio and mechanical noise immunity
I2C controlled buck-boost regulator allows on-the-fly output voltage programming
Latest DACs lower power, raise precision
Partial Networking solution for vehicles helps reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency
2-MHz dual channel step-down regulator offers power-on reset and watchdog timer
High-efficiency 3-A step-down converter features efficiency up to 96 percent with tiny footprint
RMS-to-DC converter ensures accuracy and best-in-class dynamic range
8-V MOSFET claims lowest on-resistance for a P-channel device in the 1.6 mm by 1.6 mm footprint area
NXP unveils ultra-compact power management solution for portable devices
300 power management reference designs aim to simplify and reduce design times
TI claims lowest power NFC transceiver
DC/DC converter with integrated FETs provides 90 percent power efficiency and transient protection
Isolated forward converter chipset simplifies design, enhances system reliability
5-V zero drift rail-to-rail precision op amp offers low power consumption with half the noise
High reliability adjustable shunt regulator operates across wide junction temperature range
Dual switch flyback solution provides alternative to LLC, single QR flyback topologies
Integrated, single-chip step-down converter and load switch delivers power with protection
Intelligent power switch family features current sensing for automotive applications
150-mA supercapacitor charger with auto cell balancing offers short term backup power
IDT's HyperGear solution reduces motherboard power consumption and boosts CPU performance
High-performance voltage regulator adds 20-percent run-time to ultra-low power wireless applications
TAOS agrees to join forces with austriamicrosystems
Piezo haptic driver enables quick, flexible tactile feedback in consumer and industrial applications
Analog Devices integrates two bucks regulators and two LDOs in smaller PMICs
austriamicrosystems unveil third generation of LED drivers for use in both LCD edge - and direct-lit TVs
Dual output 20-V, 3-A switching regulator features high and flat conversion efficiency
Mixed signal design software simplifies platform management design
Low-power audio codec optimizes audio performance, prevents speaker damage
Ultra-low power 8/16-bit AVR XMEGA MCU includes USB and high-precision analog systems
Gennum Snowbush IP Group unveils new multi-standard PHY IP Platform on TSMC 28-nm
Low-power mobile applications to benefit from Imec's 3D integrated DRAM-on-logic
Cadence acquires Azuro to strengthen power and performance of SoC designs
Intersil introduces AEC-Q100 qualified version of dual synchronous step-down DC/DC regulator
New ultra-low dropout regulators reduce power consumption and improve regulated voltage output stability
Gigaset selects Dialog Semiconductor Green VoIP ICs for new pro range of VoIP phones
National Semiconductor unveils industry's first high-voltage PMBus system power management and protection ICs
Power switches offer Enhanced USB port protection
Industry's first 100-V half-bridge gate driver for enhancement-mode GaN power FETs
Micromechanical 6DoF combo sensor features power-saving wake-up on motion function
Compact energy-harvesting and power-management IC enables low-power wireless devices
15-W I2C power manager charges Li-Ion cells at 3.5-A for tablets, UMPCs and portable power systems
Power stage dual asymmetric MOSFETs focus on need for high power density and ease of design
Dialog adds ARM multicore support for next generation of system level power management ICs
Ultra-compact PQFN2x2 power MOSFET focuses on low power applications  
Integrated 1-Watt, 2-stage driver amplifiers address entire cellular frequency range
Microsemi expands S-band RF power transistor family to embrace high-performance GaN-on-SiC devices
High-brightness LED driver focuses on simplifying area-lighting design
NXP provides live demo of next-generation GaN technology
New mobile audio initiative deploys high performance mixed signal technology to boost audio performance while minimizing battery life
Low power CMOS platform helps reduce IC power consumption by more than 50 percent
Apache reveals power, noise, and thermal solutions for TSMC Analog/Mixed-Signal Reference Flow 2.0
Docea enhances what-if power analysis and optimization for architectures
New USB interface for RF amplifiers provides enhanced control features
National Semiconductor releases industry's first online analog design tool in Portuguese language
Magma supports TSMC 28-nm process technology through Reference Flow 12.0 with improved power optimization
Lattice Semiconductor agrees global distribution deal with Digi-Key
Wide VIN range flyback controller offers high reliability benefits
Online configurator offers DIY kits for power electronic assemblies
MEMS-based dual-axis accelerometer offers guaranteed high temperature operation up to +175 degrees C
Wireless-based, solar-powered sensor module offers continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels
New Hall Effect sensor family offers 4-20-mA output solution
Analog Devices unveils first single-chip 5-kVrms RS-485 data transceivers
Automotive MOSFETs in widelead package reduce lead resistance by 50 percent, delivers 30 percent higher current
Switches offer guaranteed latch-up prevention, low charge injection and low leakage
Combined torque and angle sensor for electric power assisted steering applications
New active clamp PWM controller simplifies isolated DC/DC converters and improves reliability
New micro PMIC targets Li-Ion battery based mobile applications
Neonode plans collaboration with Texas Instruments to develop next-generation touch screen devices
Isolated 12-port PoE PSE controller chipset eliminates optos to reduce costs
IGBT modules for 3-level inverters offer industry-leading current density performance
IDT claims industry's widest range of poly-phase power metering solutions for smart grid applications
Power switch technology exceeds Energy Star requirements for consumer and home appliance applications
High temperature power driver chipset for SiC switches selected by FUPET consortium in Japan
Battery powered MachXO2 Pico development kit accelerates time-to-market for low power designs
Programmable LED driver enables independent control of nine LED sinks
Controller IC enables new levels of solid state lighting illumination efficiency with a high PF rating
Data converter duo deliver the speed and performance at low power
CamSemi opens operations hub in Hong Kong
Low power, 16-bit, high speed ADCs claim excellent SNR and simpler multi-channel system design
60-V battery charging controller offers power management benefits
24-bit data acquisition USB module for up to 16 analog signals
Lattice Semiconductor sign EMEA distribution deal with Arrow Electronics
Low power monolithic optical proximity and digital ambient light sensor ICs offers spectrum sensitivity close to human eye
World's smallest Hall effect switch offers power and space saving benefits
Maxim unveils power-management solution for Intel Atom-based embedded applications
Energy measurement SoC offers management of AC/DC power supplies in servers and data communication equipment
Wide-input power solutions with high-voltage protection
Photocoupler for industrial motor control and inverter applications offers extended operating temperature range
Expanded MOSFET driver family offers low-side devices with peak output currents from 2-A to 4.5-A
Current feedback op amps are offered as quad-configuration devices in a SO-14 package
Cadence releases industry's first wide I/O memory controller IP solution
Low-cost 8-bit microcontrollers claim low-cost LCD control with industry-leading low power
Low cost evaluation boards aim to accelerate PLD design and hardware evaluation
iWatt selects Magma's Titan platform to automate analog design of power supply control ICs
STMicroelectronics unveils smallest 3-axis analog gyroscope
NXP releases LIN transceiver supports robust nodes in LIN bus systems
Display SerDes Saves up to 700-mW on flat panel display SOCs
Reference circuit program targets a growing challenge facing design engineers worldwide
Voltage detectors offer enhanced safe recovery
ADI aims to help engineers solve design challenges in analog, RF and mixed-signal systems
Industry's first 10 Gbps CMOS multiplexer/demultiplexer switch offers low power benefits
PFC ICs offer enhanced system protection and safety benefits
Digi-Key signs global distribution agreement with Richtek Technology
Cadence boosts productivity at nodes down to 20-nm by enhancing unified custom/analog flow
Third generation USB 3.0 host controllers claim industry-leading transfer speed and low power consumption
10-bit magnetic rotary encoder claims lowest current drain performance
PSR/SSR mixed PWM controller delivers standby power under 10mW for portable device chargers
Energy measurement SoC offers improved control of AC/DC power supplies in servers
Infineon offers medium voltage MOSFETs in CanPAK packaging
High-voltage isolated monolithic flyback regulator eliminates optocoupler
Development kits generate clean positive and negative voltage rails for powering data converters
USB port power supply controllers offer precise, adjustable, over-current protection
National Semiconductor offers industry's first analog design tool in Russian language
Panel debates keeping up with 'Gene's Law'
HSPA+ power amplifiers offer up to 51percent peak efficiency
Aquiba opts for low power microcontroller for next generation smart water meter
New power microsite offers ‘Ask an Expert’ facility
Microsemi unveils fifth-generation auto mode 4-port PoE power source equipment manager
Maxim unveils single-chip PMICs for Icera's E400/E450 platform
Sub-microamp quiescent current LDOs extend battery life in wireless devices
High-speed 8-bit A/D converters claim best-in-class power and noise performance
National Semiconductor demonstrates 28-Gbps data centre technology with Molex and Amphenol
Single-chip solution for large multitouch touchscreens offers 60 sensing I/O channels
New 10 Gbps repeaters double signal conditioning performance at half the power
Innovative power management devices boost mobile battery life by up to 30 percent
LED driver ICs target general lighting
Isolation amplifiers with increased accuracy for motor drivers and renewable energy power converters
iCoupler digital isolation technology offers satellite power protection solution
Ultra-low-power, low-cost MCUs targets consumer electronics, lighting and touch pads
GaAs PA market faces fresh competition with the launch of the first 3G CMOS RF PA devices
Dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller features digital power system management via I2C/PMBus
ISQED plans tutorials focused on low power and design quality
Nordic Semiconductor launches industry's lowest power complete Bluetooth low energy solution
First 3G CMOS RF PAs aim to boost the reliability and data throughput of mobile phones and tablets
ReRAM architecture promises power consumption at one tenth of the current level
Fairchild appoints Dan Kinzer as Chief Technology Officer
AC Power Switch claims the highest load current and power ratings in an i4-PAC with heatsinking options
USB-capable wideband power sensors can measure up to 40GHz
MEMS oscillator consumes 6.5-mA at 125 MHz
High-voltage power MOSFET delivers high efficiency and low power consumption
Volkswagen selects Infineon sensor chip to support electric power steering systems
Low-power HDMI transmitters deliver flawless HD video and ultra-slim multimedia designs for portable electronics
NXP offers prizes worth 25,000 US Dollars for High Performance RF Design Challenge winners
Wolfson unleashes HD Audio performance in the PC and laptop market
New HiWave kit supports rapid development of USB-powered consumer audio systems
Dual synchronous buck regulators deliver 95% peak efficiency to maximize battery life
ADI adds dual output synchronous controller to power management portfolio
ON Semiconductor expands presence in Japan with acquisition of SANYO Semiconductor
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2010
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2010
Self-protected MOSFETs raise protection levels for inductive loads
Dialog Semiconductor wins outstanding European semiconductor company award for second time
PFC/PWM controller provides higher efficiency in dual-switch flyback topologies
Dongbu forms automotive, power network
National Semiconductor unveils web interface to improve solar energy harvesting
NXP Semiconductors achieves first-ever security certification from Cryptography Research
Ixys revives Zilog amid a power trip
National Semiconductor LED Driver claims industry's best dimming performance
STMicroelectronics simplifies Blu-ray design with three-in-one power-supply IC
15-GHz RF power detector offers 7-ns response time from a pulsed RF signal
SiTime unveils world's first MEMS resonator for real time clock and time-keeping applications
30-V MOSFET claims industry's lowest RDSon
austriamicrosystems and NXP Semiconductors develop turnkey solution for authentication of fast moving consumer goods  
Low-power HDMI receivers deliver enhanced A/V system performance
Samsung Electronics selects Dialog’s audio codec IC for new line of MP3 players
Current sensor delivers up to 2000-A with 0.2 percent accuracy
DisplayPort to LVDS converter IC bridges gap in panel interface transition
16-bit 125-Msps ADCs reduce power to 185-mW
austriamicrosystems expands CMOS, high-voltage, high-voltage flash and RF multi project wafer services for foundry customers
Gate driver optocoupler provides lower power consumption, faster switching speeds
CISSOID unveils power transistor driver chipset silicon carbide switches
High-voltage thermoelectric power generators provide energy harvesting for self-powered distributed sensors
Analog Devices releases industry's first fully differential attenuating precision amplifier
Linear Technology and Energy Micro demonstrate smart energy harvesting solution
Shortlink agrees RF and mixed-signal IP partnership with LFoundry
4-channel LED driver IC with dedicated 3D TV features provides power feedback regulation
Non-dimmable CFL driver ICs improve energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs for consumers
Energy-recovery circuit cuts the cost of meeting highest efficiency targets
Consortium aims to stake 'vampire power'
EPC updates device models for enhancement mode GaN transistors
Digi-Key inks global distribution deal with Energy Micro
LAST POWER project aims to give Europe strategic independence in wide band gap semiconductors
Yole predicts GaN power devices market to reach $350m in 2015
Audio Hub solution enables HD audio  in portable multimedia applications
Gennum's integrated chipset develops 10G EPON technology for FTTx deployments
Fairchild's Dual Cool package enables higher power density in DC-DC designs
Synchronous boost controller offers up to 98 percent efficiency, eliminates heat sink
ADSL chipset offers highest density and lowest power consumption for linecard applications
Fairchild selects Magwel's Power Transistor Modeling tool to design and verify high current power devices  
Ultra-low noise, high current linear regulators feature input voltages as low as 1.7-V
Ultra-low-noise, low-power ADC drivers drive high fidelity signals at 20-MHz to 100-MHz
Power IC market will grow by 20 percent in 2010
MCUs based on ARM Cortex-M Series claims industry's lowest 32-bit power consumption
Power-efficient audio codec targets consumer electronics devices
400-mA synchronous step-up DC/DC converter targets energy harvesting applications
Programmable Platform Manager cuts costs by up to half, trims weeks from design time
24-bit ADC provides high resolution for low power precision sensor applications
Multi-topology LED driver raises performance of high brightness lighting systems
Polyphase synchronous boost controller eliminates heat sink with 97 percent efficiency
Microsemi targets smart-energy market with single-chip power solution
Lattice unveils low cost programmable SPI-4.2 solution
Low power LED driver extends battery life for portable handheld LED applications
Analog Devices and Silica partner to offer free power management seminars across Europe
16-bit, 1-Msps, low power SAR ADC features digital timing interface
Actel FPGAs are now usable with cryptographic cores offering DPA resistance
Tool optimizes design of multiple load power supplies for Altera, Xilinx FPGAs
High voltage gate driver ICs offer improved noise Immunity and performance
6-GHz matched dual RMS detectors enable accurate VSWR measurements
Sentinel IC Technologies opens European Technology Center
austriamicrosystems signs global distribution agreement with Digi-Key
National Semiconductor and Siemens forge alliance to advance low power ultrasound technology
Global Qi standard launch aims to power up wireless charging
78 new microcontrollers offer reduced power consumption, smaller package size
Dialog PMIC and audio codec supports Renesas reference platform for HD video enabled mobile devices
Audio amplifier module transforms USB-powered audio power and quality performance
iWatt releases 800-V primary side regulated AC/DC digital PWM IC
IXYS Clare unveils 9-A ultrafast MOSFET Drivers
Microsemi claims world's smallest WLAN PA for handsets and wireless modules
Class G and Class H stereo headphone amplifiers claim industry’s lowest power consumption
Active-clamped, current-mode PWM controller offers more than 90 percent efficiency
27-MHz FSK low power transceiver features star network management
High precision linear RMS RF power detector extends battery life for 3G/4G handsets
Marine AIS Class-B demonstrator helps cut time-to-market development
10-channel LED driver platform drives up to 120 white LEDs for large panels
12-Bit 500-MSPS ADC claims power consumption five times lower than any competing device
Eight-channel I2C-controlled PMIC supports portable processor systems
Texas Instruments extends its leadership in power ICs market
IR expands family of automotive-qualified MOSFETs featuring low on-state resistance
Low-power, small form factor op amps extend battery life
Intelligent PMIC focuses on portable consumer applications
Sigma-delta ADC offers increased accuracy at high operating temperature
Exar signs up Arrow Electronics for European distribution
1500-mA LED flash driver improves picture quality for camera-enabled mobile phones
Plessey Semiconductors transfers bipolar process onto 8-inch line in Plymouth
New USB 3.0 host controller delivers 85 percent reduced power consumption
Multichannel, 16-bit DAC drives productivity, energy efficiency and reliability in industrial process control I/O systems
N-channel power MOSFETs improved gate charge of 48 nC
Four-port PoE midspan focuses on small to medium-sized business applications
Ultra-low-power security manager provides nonimprinting memory and tamper detection
Step-down dc-to-dc synchronous regulators enable high-density PoL designs
Multichannel data converter offers dynamic power control for first time
Renesas selects customizable PMIC to support EMMA Mobile 1 multimedia processor
Hot Swap controller protects low power boards
Power-saving low-voltage comparator offers analog designers more micropower benefits
Power DC-DC micro-module provides high efficiency, faster time-to-market
Synchronous DC-DC controller offers high efficiencies at light loads
Ultra wide input range power module simplifies power radio applications
High-voltage power MOSFETs offer control benefits in switching applications
Actel unveils power management solution for SmartFusion FPGAs
PMIC gives up to 93 percent efficiency for cell phone displays
Flyback controllers in 6-pin ThinSOT package focus on military demands
National Semiconductor acquires GTronix
POL power solution is approved for Xilinx Spartan-6 and Virtex-6 FPGA transceiver evaluation kits
Japan's Toppan Technical Design Center agrees specialty foundry deal with TowerJazz
X-FAB to support Mentor Graphics' Olympus-SoC place and route system
Three-phase brushless DC motor pre-driver IC targets office automation applications
Cirrus Logic introduces the first digital PFC ICs
USB to Ethernet controller offers low power benefits
80-V DC/DC converter targets boost, flyback, SEPIC and inverting power supplies
Fairchild focuses micro-USB solutions as key to differentiating mobile designs
Atmel analog companion chip enables ARM9-based multimedia solutions
12-bit ADC paves the way for new generation of software-defined radio solutions
Freescale releases PMIC for new Intel Atom processor
Chipset aims to make solar panels "smarter"
Lattice boosts Hot-swap coverage for Power Manager devices
4-to-20 mA 16-bit DAC targets loop-powered, smart transmitter applications
Next-generation ultra low-power microcontroller enters volume production
3-A, 4-A, 8-A, 12-A PowerSoCs achieves 17.6 -W per square centimeter power density
SiliconGate to supply power management IP for Wolfson’s next generation high-performance products
Hot Swap controller enables I2C monitoring of board-level operations
Micrel unveils 4G wireless PMIC solution
STMicroelectronics teams with Micropelt to demonstrate thermoharvesting power supply
Touch controllers offer ultra-low power consumption, faster time-to-market
AMS Technologies agrees distribution deal in Croatia and Slovenia with Caddock Electronics
Leadcore opts for Wolfson's customisable power management solution
LED lighting drivers simplify low power single cell applications
High speed LDO family targets point-of-load applications
Low-power microprocessor supervisory circuits target portable equipment applications
Low power ANC ICs improve listening quality in mobile accessories
Scalable verification platform offers low-power analysis plus metric-driven verification
Wolfson licenses Tensilica HiFi audio to create low power, HD sound platform
All-in-one power solution offers twin benefits
First LED driver offers dynamic headroom control for high-power applications
Aplix offers rapid application development platform for SmartFusion FPGAs
Overvoltage/overcurrent protection controller safeguards low voltage portable devices
5 kV isolated gate drivers reduce power system costs
New MCU platform coupled with developer ecosystem targets wireless networking
Precision CSA with chip-select pin offers power management benefits
New PSoC 3 family enables integration of digital peripherals
New power boost regulator drives high power LEDs
Virtual remote sense controller overcomes the need for remote sense wires
STMicroelectronics selects OrCAD PSpice to evaluate analog and power ICs
Intelligent power modules offer compact solution for AC motor drives
Evaluation platform enables simulation of ST’s analog and power product families
1-Watt power amplifiers focus on 37 to 40GHz mmW communication transmitters
Lattice Semiconductor names Nu Horizons as global distributor
Three-axis digital gyroscope integrates on-chip FIFO memory for new applications
Isolated DC-DC converter development tools increase power density of modular power supplies
16-Bit, 80-Msps ADC offers noise reduction in data conversion systems
Xenon photoflash driver ICs offers low cost solution for camera phones
ZiiLABS selects Wolfson power management solution
High frequency buck converter offers space saving benefits
WLED driver with PWM-controllable boost converter maximizes power efficiency
New development suite focuses on eSi-RISC low-power soft processor cores
AC-DC power controller offers cost-effective dimmable LED lighting
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Sanyo Semiconductor
MoSys acquires MagnaLynx and expands SerDes development team
Class-G amplifier delivers analog audio performance, extends battery life
Smart on/off controllers improve reliability of battery-powered devices
Dual synchronous buck regulator targets ‘green power’ applications
3000-W analogue programmable power supplies offer mounting options
Low ICCT gate solutions extend battery life for mobile devices
Lattice Pico development kit special offer reduces evaluation costs
Power transistor driver solution targets high temperature applications
DC-to-DC switching regulators simplify Power Bus and point-of-load power designs
New LIN transceiver families offer the industry's lowest power wake-up management
Battery management circuit features active cell balancing for high-cell-count Li-Ion batteries
MSC Vertriebs offers lowest power SERDES capable FPGA
Looking ahead: Data converter trends for 2010

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