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TSMC to speed system-to-IC design cycles

June 08, 2010 | Jean-Pierre Joosting | 222900799
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has extended its Open Innovation Platform with another focus on system-level design, analog/mixed-signal (AMS)/RF design and two-dimensional/three-dimensional integrated circuit (2-D/3-D IC) implementation.
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These initiatives comprise the Radio Frequency Reference Design Kit (RF RDK) as an outgrowth of an extended Open Innovation Platform and the soon to be available Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) Reference Flow 1.0, and Reference Flow 11.0.

Radio Frequency Reference Design Kit (RF RDK) 2.0 targets TSMCs 65-nm RF CMOS process technology, accelerating analog, mixed-signal, and RF designs and RF System-on-Chip (SoC) verification and integration. It resolves the long-standing challenge of performing full chip verification on SoC devices that support analog, RF, mixed signal and digital content.

These design kits implement a top-down RF design methodology and a system-level simulation flow that reduces design cycle time and encourages IP reuse. The RF RDK 2.0 is in Open Access database that supports new RF design capabilities including a circuit sizing and design centering approach, electromagnetic (EM)-aware RF simulation and analysis, custom RF inductor synthesis and modeling, and substrate noise modeling and analysis (SNA) to address the noise coupling challenges in complex mixed-signal and RF SoCs.

TSMC originally launched the Open Innovation Platform in 2008 as an industry-wide design enablement initiative. To date, the Open Innovation platform has accelerated time-to-market, improved return on design investment and reduced design infrastructure duplication. It includes a set of interoperable ecosystem interfaces, collaborative components and design flows that efficiently empower innovation throughout the supply chain thereby enabling creation and sharing of newly-created revenue and profitability. For example, iPDK, iDRC, iLVS, iRCX, Digital Reference Flow, Integrated Signoff Flow and RF Reference Design Kit are all in production use today.
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