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Virage Logic broadens semiconductor IP offer with new SoC infrastructure solutions

July 28, 2010 | Paul Buckley | 222900945
Virage Logic Corporation, is broadening the company's extensive System-on-Chip (SoC) infrastructure IP portfolio with its new Integraproduct line.
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Based on the proven technology that Virage Logic acquired from NXP in November 2009, the Integra portfolio of SoC Infrastructure IP includes advanced Multi-layer and Control networks, embedded Quality of Service (QoS) functionality as well as memory controllers for embedded SRAMs/ROMs. The complete solution is able to provide the central back-bone of any SoC and extends Virage Logic's ability to serve as a single source provider of highly differentiated, production proven IP.

"The Integra SoC Infrastructure IP portfolio was designed to be high performance and cost effective, and therefore is ideally suited for any application in today's world of internet-enabled programmable multi-core devices," said Henk Hamoen, director of marketing for SoC Infrastructure at Virage Logic. "Integra addresses the global drive for energy conservation by applying a power islands methodology; a technology that at the same time improves time-to-market because its implementation is extremely physical design friendly. Production proven innovative data and control interconnect networks as well as memory controllers for embedded SRAMs/ROMs are provided. The QoS Engine also provides unique system Quality of Service features that enable perfect media streaming in complex multi-media SoCs including Digital TV, Set Top Boxes and portable audio/video devices."

The Integra Multi-Layer and Control Networks connect with Virage Logic's ARC processor family via industry standard AMBA interfaces and provide an easy hook-up to the recently introduced portfolio of Processor Peripherals. The Integra QoS Engine also easily interfaces to the company's Intelli DDR controllers, while the Integra Memory Controllers are optimized for use with Virage Logic's SiWare Memory embedded SRAM/ROM memories.

In addition, because the Integra product portfolio ideally fits the needs of market segments where Virage Logic is already a leading supplier, including Automotive, Microprocessors, Digital TV, Set Top Box and Multi-Media devices, customers benefit from the convenience of being able to rely on a single trusted IP provider for complete IP subsystems.

Virage Logic's Integra portfolio includes:

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